Earlier this week I gave away a lot of AwardWallet+ codes. I realise it is an important tool in everyone’s arsenal when you are trying to keep your miles and points in order, so I keep fishing for more of them. I also keep getting messages that a lot of people don’t get them. So I put out a stash as soon as there are reasonable numbers available.

Like you’d know, AwardWallet is a website that allows me to track my points and miles totals across loyalty programs in a one-view format.

AwardWallet provides a free account, which tracks all your accounts for free, but only displays upto 3 expiration notices. There is also AwardWallet Plus, which costs you $5 upwards for 6 months (you choose the price), and allows for details on all your accounts to be tracked along with the expiry notices. Now, if you haven’t had an AwardWallet account ever, you could sign up for a free 6-months usage of AwardWallet Plus with this link.

Otherwise, you could use the following codes, approximately 45 of them, for an AwardWallet Plus Upgrade for six months:

Invite-106355-CHFCE – use coupon
Invite-106355-GKKTY – use coupon
Invite-106355-VMYHP – use coupon
Invite-106355-LPHVV – use coupon
Invite-106355-YMKFK – use coupon
Invite-106355-YPVUJ – use coupon
Invite-106355-ZZPGW – use coupon
Invite-106355-DCFYT – use coupon
Invite-106355-XIVTL – use coupon
Invite-106355-UOHCM – use coupon
Invite-106355-YTDSE – use coupon
Invite-106355-KLOJU – use coupon
Invite-106355-KJNQZ – use coupon
Invite-106355-VRCLQ – use coupon
Invite-106355-GFXYP – use coupon
Invite-106355-FUVTE – use coupon
Invite-106355-XQONB – use coupon
Invite-106355-FJHWF – use coupon
Invite-106355-XBRJK – use coupon
Invite-106355-XRBXX – use coupon
Invite-106355-XTISN – use coupon
Invite-106355-IYQLJ – use coupon
Invite-106355-VWRUK – use coupon
Invite-106355-KGPYW – use coupon
Invite-106355-OKWDX – use coupon
Invite-106355-VNUKC – use coupon
Invite-106355-QOIYG – use coupon
Invite-106355-QCQWD – use coupon
Invite-106355-SQNKA – use coupon
Invite-106355-PWOQU – use coupon
Invite-106355-ZKFGG – use coupon
Invite-106355-QWGVU – use coupon
Invite-106355-TLVQO – use coupon
Invite-106355-AQIIT – use coupon
Invite-106355-ZMSKB – use coupon
Invite-106355-RBAOA – use coupon
Invite-106355-CGXDU – use coupon
Invite-106355-ORMDY – use coupon
Invite-106355-OYYNF – use coupon
Invite-106355-YTMJN – use coupon
Invite-106355-HZHOV – use coupon
Invite-106355-CAYJO – use coupon
Invite-106355-ZAMNR – use coupon
Invite-106355-QNUTG – use coupon
Invite-106355-CHHBN – use coupon

Here are some fresh additions:

Invite-106355-USBND – use coupon
Invite-106355-VARRK – use coupon
Invite-106355-VHSZX – use coupon
Invite-106355-LAANP – use coupon
Invite-106355-FVQXY – use coupon
Invite-106355-TDPMS – use coupon
Invite-106355-FPMHD – use coupon
Invite-106355-PLERU – use coupon
Invite-106355-NXIAS – use coupon
Invite-106355-PSGXZ – use coupon
Invite-106355-ORFAY – use coupon
Invite-106355-QALBS – use coupon
Invite-106355-FIAJQ – use coupon
Invite-106355-NQJHV – use coupon
Invite-106355-MUTLQ – use coupon
Invite-106355-RSIHZ – use coupon
Invite-106355-RVZRN – use coupon
Invite-106355-VOHIT – use coupon
Invite-106355-KLMAJ – use coupon
Invite-106355-ITFSA – use coupon
Invite-106355-XXCTO – use coupon
Invite-106355-YPPGP – use coupon
Invite-106355-AHTOF – use coupon
Invite-106355-PNWRT – use coupon
Invite-106355-AUKGR – use coupon
Invite-106355-AINKO – use coupon
Invite-106355-ISMES – use coupon
Invite-106355-ASVAN – use coupon
Invite-106355-IDWJR – use coupon
Invite-106355-GNYVU – use coupon
Invite-106355-ZRCPE – use coupon
Invite-106355-VZNPK – use coupon
Invite-106355-WFBEZ – use coupon
Invite-106355-LMITU – use coupon
Invite-106355-FVZSV – use coupon
Invite-106355-BYBFP – use coupon
Invite-106355-JRZUT – use coupon
Invite-106355-XQSDI – use coupon
Invite-106355-ICZHO – use coupon
Invite-106355-ZYHXR – use coupon
Invite-106355-WMRFR – use coupon
Invite-106355-WSWLR – use coupon
Invite-106355-KFKBL – use coupon
Invite-106355-ICUUK – use coupon


To apply a code, all you have to do is to navigate to the Sidebar –> Manage Rewards –> Upgrade Using A Coupon. Or you can just use the link next to the coupon.

Please post below when you have used a coupon so that I can edit the list and keep everyone informed accordingly. Also, if you want to share any AwardWallet upgrade codes, drop me a line and I will add them to the list.

If you don’t get yourself a code, do check back later, and I hope I will be able to give out some more of these soon.

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I haven’t been around on the blog much, and when that happens, it means there are other things demanding a lot of my time. And amongst all that was going on, I really needed a quick break, so I decided to head to the Park Hyatt Hyderabad for a quick overnight trip last weekend, to check out the property as well as visit a city with great food.

Given my schedule, I figured the best thing for me to do would be to arrive early in the morning and depart next afternoon giving me at least a full day in Hyderabad. As a Hyatt frequent guest, I really wanted to select a Hyatt property only, and I had heard lots of good things about the PH Hyderabad which is about 3 years old, even from other Hyatt crews across India.

When my trip was absolutely certain to happen, I moved my rate to a promotional prepaid rate, which was about 30% cheaper than the BAR for the day. Also, I applied the India promotion, which allowed me to get a 2500 Hyatt Gold Passport points for staying at a Hyatt India hotel before March 31, 2015. The hotel confirmed to me that the only way to get inside a suite, was to apply a Diamond Suite Upgrade, even if the suites lied unoccupied. And I did apply one of my DSU from the last year, before they were going to expire on February 28, 2015 anyways.

Now to the stay. I arrived on a redeye to Hyderabad, at about 5:15 am in the city. I was in touch with the hotel, and they were going to offer a complimentary one-way transfer to me, so I chose to take them up on the offer on arrival. Interestingly, while I’d expect hotel crew to meet you outside the hotel, in this case, there was staff from the PH Hyderabad who met me inside the arrival area. We did not have any luggage, but the point of meeting inside is that they could have helped guests bring the luggage out.

After exit, we had to wait a few moments for the car to arrive, because it was driving in from 45 minutes away at the hotel. Our flight arrived early, so maybe we had ourselves to blame for the early arrival. A BMW 7 Series pulled up, while all I was expecting was a base category pickup vehicle (a Toyota Innova).

Photo 21-03-15 01 11 05

The airport is quite a drive away from the city, and this was a good enough time to make conversation with the chauffeur, who was well-informed about the city. He offered us water once inside the car, and our airport dispatcher informed us about the wifi facility on the drive to the hotel, which I did make good use of on the way to the hotel.

The hotel is located in the upscale Banjara Hills residential area, and you could initially miss it if you were not looking for the signage.

We pulled up at the hotel, and the warm and friendly crew of the hotel greeted us at the entrance. We were walked to the check-in desk, where they had already processed an early check-in for us and had our suite ready. The check-in staff walked us to the room on the 6th floor, and we were told we were further upgraded from a Park Suite King (base suite) to a Park Executive Suite. From what I can tell, the difference is just breakfast, which is something anyways comped for Diamond members.

Here are a few pictures of the lobby, including the sculpture which ornates the lobby and cannot be missed. The lobby also hosts the Living Room (the lobby lounge) and the Dining Room (the lobby restaurant), also the place where breakfast was served next morning. Do note that we arrived on the day of Ugadi, the new year day, and there was this celebratory floral decoration as well.

Photo 21-03-15 08 53 13

Photo 21-03-15 13 34 50

Photo 21-03-15 18 07 54

Photo 22-03-15 04 46 40

Photo 22-03-15 04 47 05

Photo 22-03-15 04 48 18

Like you would note, the hotel is set in beige and black tones, giving it a very modern hues. They have also worked a lot on natural lighting inside the hotel.

Read More…

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A few days ago, I happened to read a news article, where it discussed that the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS), the authority responsible for aviation security setup across India, had ordered to remove the special screening queue for Business & First Class passengers.

The argument used by BCAS was:

We can’t have empty queues at Business Class queue when Economy queues have all the rush.

According to another report, the segregation already was repealed as of February 26, 2015. However, while passing through Delhi earlier this month, I did not see these measures implemented.

Just yesterday, I was at Mumbai Airport’s Terminal 2, and I noticed that the special queue for Business/First Class passengers for passport control was done away with at departures. There was a queue for Diplomats and Official Passport holders, but none for premium cabin travellers, something I remember seeing on my last flight abroad towards the end of January 2015.

The nature of premium cabin ground services implemented by airports across India has been dodgy at best over the years. One queue for Premium Cabin travellers at passport control? Half baked thinking to say the least.

Which makes me wonder, people who are paying multiples of the coach class ticket, are not going to be assured some sort of premium ground services any more. Is this a good move or a bad one? And what has been your experience – have you seen changes on the ground at other airports?

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It is that time of the month, where I am putting out my stash of AwardWallet codes for all of you. Like you’d know, AwardWallet is a website that allows me to track my points and miles totals across loyalty programs in a one-view format. AwardWallet provides a free account, which tracks all your accounts […]

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One of my favourite resorts closer home is the Park Hyatt Goa. I go over at least once a year, and while I did not write about my last trip in 2014, here is a review from 2012 when I went there for the first time. The Park Hyatt Goa Resort and Spa recently changed […]

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Trident Privilege is the loyalty program for the Trident Hotels chain, the business hotels label of the Oberoi Group. You earn points for every stay at the hotel, starting from 10 Points per INR 100 spent at the Red tier, going up to the Platinum tier where you get 12 points per INR 100 spent. […]

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One of the strategies Jet Airways used to protect its market on the Delhi-Mumbai, Mumbai-Ahmedabad and Delhi-Ahmedabad sectors, which were launch sectors for Vistara, was to offer 2x base miles on these sectors in Economy, and 3x base miles in Business Class. This promotion comes to an end on March 31, 2015. A few days […]

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One of the easiest way to get Starwood’s Gold status, is to have an address in the Asia Pacific, hold a MasterCard World or MasterCard World Elite, and make just one eligible stay. You of course, need to register here, before you get started with the process.   Starwood’s SPG Gold status confers on you […]

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A few days ago I wrote about some must sign-up for offers with Etihad Airways, including one to just sign up for a new account. Time to add one more to the list, if you are able to book any tickets on Etihad by March 22, 2015. Etihad Airways is offering an opportunity to earn […]

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RocketMiles is a hotel booking website, which provides customers the opportunity to earn airmiles for bookings made via their website, in place of straight out discounts. They have partnerships with many an airline partners, including JetPrivilege in India. Now, for the next 2.5 months (till May 31, 2015) , they are offering the holders of […]

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One of the easiest way to earn points is to do nothing, which is almost true in the current case. Hilton HHonors has been revamping their security procedures for the website. Earlier, they used to allow a 4 digit passcode, which could be used in combination with your username or membership number. However, with recent […]

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