When Lufthansa became Jet Airways

Being the inquisitive soul I am, I was working on another blogpost for the readers today. This one concerned Lufthansa in India. Now, out of pure guess work and intuition, I typed away http://www.lufthansa.co.in/ in my browser to check my facts. As you all would know, .co.in is the domain registration for corporations in India. But, I quickly hit F5 and then again, because I could not believe what I saw…

Lufthansa.co.in to the Jet Airways Website!??

Yes, I thought it could be the 3AM effect when I am wide awake due to the last Gingerbread Cookie Latte I had a few hours back with a huge helping of Carrot Cake. So, I tried it on another browser, and then on another computer. Same results….

End game, I almost quickly wanted to get to the bottom of this. So, I started to look up the details of the owner of the domain. Tsk Tsk, no, I did not see Jet Airways was involved because this was someone sitting in outside Germany or India who had pointed this domain to Jet Airways using some advertising redirection service. You could have a look at the result too, here.

Now I am scratching my head at this unearthy hour trying to figure out who is to blame. Dear Lufthansa, do you know this happened to you? And Dear Jet Airways, would you do something about getting yourself out of this mess now? I know some people at the Jet Airways office read this blog, so if they could pass on the baton to their friends in the IT / Ecommerce department, that will be nice!

Lufthansa, you can thank me later 😀

Jet Airways, I promise I’ll keep getting you out of trouble too! 🙂

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  1. Jet airways has codeshare with lufthansa, so maybe those wanting to buying lufthansa tickets in india will have to buy a jetairways ticket to a destination after which lufthansa connects them.

    • @Rip, I am not saying anything 😉 When I look at lufthansa.in, it is registered in the name of Deutsche Lufthansa AG. But this one is in the name of someone unrelated! So there….

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