Reader Abdullah posted a question on the Reader’s Questions page which I thought was more appropriate to answer here since every once in a way I receive queries on Jet Airways upgrades. Here is a quick Q&A explanation:


I keep visiting your page as i am too a FF of Jet Airways, though its mostly domestic flights.

I need some advice, i have these upgrade vouchers to business class around 6 of them and my status is Gold card holder of jet airways.

Whenever i fly i look for best fares but then these best fares dont allow a upgrade to business class. How can i use these vouchers?

1 of this voucher expires april 30 next month.

I am also flying with my family to jeddah next month, shud i keep these vouchers and see if i get upgrade for all 3 tickets, though its unlikely but i can still try.


You need 1 upgrade voucher for every 1,5oo miles flown or less per sector for a 1-class upgrade. Which means, for domestic flights, 1 voucher is good for an upgrade per sector to business from anywhere in India, while travelling outside the country, you could need quite a few. In the case above, travel to the Middle East would require 2 vouchers per sector upgrade per person.

The Jet Airways upgrade vouchers, as per the website, can be used against the following eligible fare classes:

On Jet Airways:

  • Economy to Première: Y, M, T, U, N, L, Q, S and K class.
  • Première to First Class: C, J, Z, I and P class.

On JetKonnect:

  • Economy to Première: When flight is operated under 9W code: Y, M, T, U, N, L, Q, S, K class.
    When flight is operated under S2 code W, Y, K, U, T, S, H, E, X, N class.

JetPrivilege Platinum members and other members/guests holding JetPrivilege Platinum upgrade voucher(s) can use the voucher(s) on any revenue fare type (except G Class on Jet Airways and G / V class on JetKonnect)


On Jet Airways, the best fares online usually book into the B class (Web Specials) or W,O fares (Special Fares) domestically. This is followed by V, K and upwards. Like most other airlines globally, Jet Airways discourages the best fare classes (cheapest fares) to get an upgrade.  This is the reason you are not allowed to upgrade on these fareclasses. The same goes for JetKonnect.

JetPrivilege Platinum members (top-tier Jet elites), or know one,you get a better treatment. So, if you are a Jet Platinum, you get to use the vouchers for an upgrade on any fare class except G (and V as well on JetKonnect). Also, if you have been transferred the vouchers of a JetPrivilege Platinum member, you can use these as well to request an upgrade on any fare class.


On Jet Airways international segments, the best fare usually book into S, K or H fare classes. While S & K are upgrade eligible, H is not. It would be advisable to check before booking since the difference between the fares is not vast but a few 100 Rupees (in my experience). Again, if you are a Jet Privilege Platinum member, you will be able to use these on any fare classes except G.

How to ask for an upgrade?

It is always a good idea to call up Jet Airways once your tickets are booked. Award tickets and upgrade tickets come from the same pool, and for the past many months, Jet Airways is not releasing many seats in the business cabins. If you are a Jet Privilege member, please log into your account and check if you have business class (Premiere) redemption seats available for your date of travel. If yes, call up Jet Airways and ask them to confirm your upgrade. Otherwise, Jet Airways will put you up on a waitlist.

If your upgrades haven’t cleared immediately, do call them closer to the date of travel (frequently!). The agents can always request Revenue Management to open up seats for award travel/upgrades and confirm your upgrades. Otherwise, check for the status on check-in, and sometimes even on the gate. One of my upgrades last year happened with Jet Airways when the flight was boarded and close doors announcement was made.

In Abdullah’s case, he can get 3 one-way upgrades confirmed on his travels to Jeddah. The Gold status should give him a higher priority than most!

I hope that was enough information on Jet Airways upgrades using vouchers. Do write in if you need more clarifications or post your questions here.

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6 Responses to “Readers Question: Using Jet Airways upgrade vouchers”

  1. devendra kumar rvs says:

    Never had any problem using upgrade vouchers.have always managed to get upgrades for self and wife on international routes.god bless Jet at least for now.

  2. susheel says:

    sell them is better ,u should easily get 2000 for each one of them

    Mod Note: Selling of these vouchers is prohibited and may lead to closure of your frequent flyer account .

  3. Kapil Pahilwani says:

    How many vouchers will i need approximately for a upgrade from HKG to BOM

  4. @Kapil, you would require two vouchers per leg per person for the upgrade

  5. Kapil P says:

    One small question, Can i now use these vouchers to EWR on etihad also. As jet airways is offering only flights from BOM via AUH to EWR. The 9W operated flight is being priced at a premium now.

  6. Ajay Awtaney says:

    @Kapil no. only valid for 9W metal

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