Indigo unveils new retro-cool uniform for pilots

Indigo just went uber-cool all over again, with their new uniform innovation. Though they are a low-fare airline, perhaps they are India’s best at marketing themselves with a tongue-in-cheek cool about them. Incidentally, they are also India’s biggest domestic airline now.I’ve previously talked about their meals in matchboxes which I totally love, and also their Runway musical which is a class apart.

Indigo just came up with new uniforms for their pilots, which boast of a Navy Blue Bomber Jacket, White shirt and Trousers. And this goes away from the traditional civil pilot uniform where a shirt+tie+blazer is the official look. Have a look at the video they posted:

Do let me know what do you think of this. Does is stick to their code of cool which is defined as 6E (or sexy?)

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  1. the video on youtube shows up as “this video is private” please change the privacy settings if you are the owner for the content.


  2. @pmh, I’m afraid the airline seems to be not ready to showcase the video and hence they made it private. hope it will be back soon!

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