Jet Airways ; operates on domestic as well as international routes to the Middle-East, South-East Asia, Europe and North America from India. JetPrivilege is its frequent flyer program, which used to offer some of the best frequent flyer benefits in India.

If you are not already on Jet Airway’s JetPrivilege frequent flyer program, and are planning to signup, now is the time to do so and lap up 2,500 bonus JPMiles for the enrolment. Jet Airways, via its Facebook page, has given out a link for new enrolments which get credited with the bonus after signup. You can access the enrolment form here.

Jet Privilege, while is now a patch on its earlier self in the late 2000’s, still somehow managed to win the Freddies in 2012 again. While Jet Airways is not aligned with any airline alliance yet, this is a must-have in your frequent-flyer wallet if you travel in or from India and use this carrier. They are still wondering if they will be a part of Star Alliance or not, and it could entirely be possible if they get a shareholder in Etihad Airways, things may look different.

I tried using the link for applying on my existing account, but it did not work, so it looks like only new sign-ups get the benefit of this offer. Jet had a similar offer last year as well for new sign-ups.

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Posted by Ajay Awtaney | 21 Comments

21 Responses to “2,500 JPMiles for enrolling a new account with JetPrivilege”

  1. hagneta heel says:

    too bad they ask for my passport number at registration – I’m not willing to give them that. otherwise 2500 miles would be awesome to have!

  2. Rick says:

    I signed up but didn’t see the bonus. Does it take longer for it to show up or do I need to enter something in the Promotional Code field ?

  3. AJ says:

    @Rick they will be posted within 48 hours

  4. Devendra RVS says:

    Hi Hagneta Heel.You can always give a makebelieve passport no and change it later.

  5. Linda T says:

    Passport not required field. Left it blank and still was able to open account.

  6. Padawan says:

    AJ: Thanks for posting this nice bonus offer!

    hagneta heel: The passport information is optional. You can sign up without it.

    Rick: Mine posted immediately, but I used the link on their facebook page which is slightly different.

  7. AJ says:

    @Padawan the link on their FB page is the same, except using a URL shortening service such as

  8. Padawan says:

    AJ: For me, anyway, it expanded to a different URL than posted here (refcode “FBENB” instead of “9wfan”).

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  10. David says:

    I get a connection error: “Connection failure. Please try after some time.” I have a valid connection.

  11. AJ says:

    @David try again i changed the link

  12. David says:

    Still get the error. I get it after the final ‘Submit”. I’m using Chrome. I’ll try again later with IE and see if that makes a difference.

  13. Parag Mehta says:

    no bonus coming in my account

  14. d says:

    Am I understanding correctly, that JP miles will expire 3 years after posting. thus, if we’re not planning on flying Jet Airways in the next three years, then these 2500 bonus miles will disappear?

  15. AJ says:

    @D Jpmiles expire every 13 quarters… So if you don’t use them before that date, they are gone, unless you hold platinum status with Jet Airways

  16. AJ says:

    @Parag write to JetPrivilege if it still hasn’t posted

  17. Parag Mehta says:

    AJ – Which email should I write to at JP for the posting of the miles?


  18. Parag Mehta says:


  19. Mike S. says:

    Has anyone redeemed JP miles on a a partner award flight? The reward chart is bizarre, 30K miles reurn in Y to Hawaii from North America

  20. Torsten says:

    The JetPrivileges promotion with 2,500 miles for signing up and just 2
    activities is a great offer. An easy way to get another free domestic

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