A couple of days back I wrote about the status match promotion that KLM/Air France were offering to FlyingBlue members, where they could match their status on any airline to FB Gold (equivalent to SkyTeam Elite+).

However, now it turns up that this promotion has been reworded and limited to the regions it was supposed to be originally intended for, somewhere in the last 24 hours. Also the period of match has been limited to 28th February 2013, instead of May 30, 2013 as reported earlier. Here is the new updated snapshot:





I haven’t heard from anyone about a confirmed status match for an application made before this date, but I think it takes a lot less money to hire an efficient copywriter who would have thought of this in the first place and included this. We can now wait and see if KLM will honor the status match splash made to me and others earlier which said:


Do share your experiences both positive and negative…

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Posted by Ajay Awtaney | 10 Comments

10 Responses to “FlyingBlue/SkyTeam Gold status match now limited to Scandinavia”

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  2. ChineseScouser says:

    Did you check the account itself to see if now reflects Gold? Mine still says Ivory. Unfortunately, not that dynamic.

  3. ScottZ says:

    Elite plus is Platinum, gold is just elite?

  4. AJ says:

    @ScottZ gold is elite+ as well.

  5. wannabrb says:

    mine says ivory but i think at the time of signing up it said i had qualified for whatever was supposed to be the original offer..is that supposed to be platinum?

  6. texquill says:

    I’m still Ivory. It will be interesting to see how it plays out.

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  8. The website popped up for me saying I’d qualified gold yesterday, but no email or any other confirmation since. The website still shows me Ivory. Being in Australia, I may get abandoned, but they have a lot of Chinese flights here, so they may wish to consider how we might consider our flying options!

  9. AJ says:

    @Steven maybe we straight away get the card like they promised!

  10. wannabrb says:

    just got an email from customer service saying they needed more time to respond to my query on my ivory vs gold status?

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