A quick 250-1000 JP Miles for you!

Last week I wrote about the potential to win upto 86,400 JP Miles if you went into a massive referral scheme for the Jet Airways American Express Credit Card, via the contest they have up on Facebook.

While I did not go all out and spam everyone on my timeline with the referrals, I did plant a lead into their systems to get myself the card. After this, I was given the opportunity to scratch a virtual card, and it turned up with 250 JP Miles for applying.

Now, to my surprise, these miles posted even before I got a call for the card. And guess what? Even those who already have the card would get these miles.


Thank you Jet Airways!

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  1. Can you clarify? When I saw they wanted access to all my friends, I declined. Do you mean that getting that far “plants a lead?”

  2. I got 1000 JP miles credited in my account even before like you said a call has been made for offering the card.

    I am guilty of spamming few of my friends though.

  3. same with me..no credit even after more than a week..can the difference be that i just applied for myself and didnt refer anyone else?

  4. I won 1000 miles, got call from AMEX within next 2-3 days. Finally didn’t opt for the card and miles also never credited since these last few months. Neither they asked for referrals. Any clue?

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