Jet Airways’ North America, Europe & SE Asia anniversary discounts (book today)

On the occasion of Jet Airways’ 20th anniversary, Jet Airways is offering promotional discounts for their flights originating from Newark, ending into any destination operated by Jet Airways, if you book by the 5th of May 2013 using their US website. Be sure to use the following coupon codes while making the fare search, though I am not sure $20 for a business class ticket (Premiere) is worth it.


For those who live in Europe, there is a different promotion, a flat out 20% off if you book today (May 5) using the Belgian Jet Airways website.


If you are from Nepal, you get 7% off on Economy and Business Class fares on Jet Airways flights if you book between May 5 & May 7 using Jet Airways’ Nepal Website.


Singapore, you got lucky with a 20% discount from Singapore for all 9W flights too if you book before May 6 and travel between June 15 and October 15 2013. Jet also is able to offer connectivity to UK, USA, Europe via BOM or DEL. Check this link.


If you’re in Thailand, there are special promotion fares for you to book today, to travel to India, Nepal and London with 9W, for travel before June 30, 2013. check here to book on the Jet Airways website.


If you’re in the UAE (Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi), you’ll see a 20% off your tickets if you book today. No date restrictions, just got to book today using Jet Airways website.


And if you’re in the big home market for Jet Airways called India, sorry, no discounts for you! You’re the cash cow after all!! Winking smile

For those of you looking to check out reviews of Jet Airways international Business Class & Economy, here are some reviews listed below:

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  1. Insane prices anyway to book on Jet…no matter how much discounting they are doing!

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