When I first started out to review the SBI Air India Signature Card, I was basing my review on the information that was provided by SBI Cards in this respect.

Now, just like all other new products, I’ve had my fair share of sparring with SBI Cards as well, but yesterday, I got third time lucky and finally managed to submit my application to SBI Cards after two time-wasting attempts by them before.

As I was trying to find more information on this credit card, I came across this on the Air India website:

  • Premium privileges include
    • 1 complementary domestic upgrade voucher
    • Complementary lounge access

(emphasis, mine)

This is not information that was put out by the credit card company. However, on reaching out to SBI Cards, they confirmed that 1 complementary domestic upgrade voucher would indeed be made available by Air India on payment of fees. If this is an annual feature or not, I do not know!

So, after enabling me to earn miles at Rs. 7.69 per airmile on spends I’d anyways be doing, this is quite a nice surprise from the SBI Air India Signature Credit Card package. Sweet!

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Posted by Ajay Awtaney | 16 Comments

16 Responses to “The SBI Air India Signature Card adds an upgrade voucher!”

  1. SuperFlyBoy says:

    The question is – how is the AI biz product now?

    A few months ago it was nothing to write home about, and now that Jet has revamped their economy and biz cabins, it’s a better bet. (Only if you book online and don’t try to deal with the call centers!!)

    Further, how often does AI op-up?

  2. prasanth chakravarthy says:

    Let me know if you get the card and also if you get any further information regarding the upgrade voucher. Even I applied for the same card.

  3. AJ says:

    @SuperFlyBoy, What revamp are you talking about on the 9W cabins? The new sky interiors? As for Air India business class, they are good but some little touches missing. Check my experience here: http://livefromalounge.boardingarea.com/2013/06/13/something-new-flight-ai-657-del-bom-air-india-business/

  4. agarwal says:

    upgrade voucher would indeed be made available by Air India on payment of fees.
    what is the fees?

  5. Abhi says:

    Surprisingly I had only given it a long shot without much
    expectation and sent the SMS. However SBI did give me a call within
    10 day (albeit the next call came 1 week later instead of 1 day
    that I had asked for). And the executive came very next day to
    collect all docs and application. So far so good but let’s see how
    it goes ahead. You need to be particularly careful with SBI
    regarding hidden insurance charges (basis my dad’s experience).
    Good thing is the add on card is free. In my opinion, if one is
    primarily a domestic traveller and this card delivers it’s value,
    this card in combination with JP Amex Plat and JP ICICI Visa should
    offer the best value from mileage pov. Citi PM loses lustre (repeat
    for domestic travellers I guess)

  6. PK says:

    Dear AJ,

    Thanks for post :-)

    Bit confuse about following lines…. on AAI site

    Air India American Express Gold Card
    Enjoy 10% discount on Business Class tickets and 15% on Economy Class tickets

    Pay 10% less on full fare Business Class tickets and 15% less on full fare Economy Class tickets – every time, on any domestic or International sector on Air India.

    The discounts mentioned above are not available when you book through Air India Call Centres, Air India’s website or any other online portal.

    It say not applicable on Air India or Other online portals…

    Where i will get discount then?



  7. AJ says:

    @PK that card and associated discounts are no longer available. Please ignore that information

  8. subhash agarwal says:

    i have not recd. my SBI Air India card, have any body received it yet?

  9. AJ says:

    @Subhash I have received my card

  10. KULDEEP says:

    I applied for this card. The required documents were submitted…after about 2 months, a msg came telling me my application number and said that ‘give us 11 days to process the application’…. after another 45 days, one more msg came that we can not issue you a card as of now because of our policies.
    I can not understand why? because I am having a excellent cibil rating and other cards.

  11. Agarwal says:

    I got a msg around six month back that my card is approved, but never received the card.

  12. Agarwal says:

    Kuldip what is your cibil score. Mine is 750

  13. gauta, says:


    thx for this post. am on the verge of signing up for signature card. I wanted to understand the redemption process- can we request for points to miles conversion online? Also, what is the value of 1 air mile?

  14. Ajay Awtaney says:

    @gauta you need to call to transfer your points to miles.

  15. gautam says:

    ok great. So I need to call and they would do the needful?of course, will debit my account by INR 99 + Taxes. Is their customer care good? The way I see it it offers better value than Amex Jet Platinum and Citi premier miles. Is my understanding correct?

  16. Ajay Awtaney says:

    @gautam they have removed those charges now I guess. so transfer as you please. if you are a big spender, you sure do get a lot more miles for your spend.

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