Clipper Lounge, Mumbai Terminal 2

Like I mentioned last week, I’d taken a short getaway out of town last week, and I booked a trip out on Air India, partly to check out the new Terminal 2 at Mumbai Airport, which has been built recently. Air India is the only airline which offers domestic segments out of the international section of the airport as well, so, I thought of them. My first thoughts about the Terminal 2, Mumbai Airport are here, while here are some pictures of the airport lounge which is being used by the airlines.

Apart from the airline lounges, there is also a new contract lounge at Terminal 2 which I accessed, because it accepts Priority Pass and also has a contract to provide access to premium MasterCard holders (for cards issued in India). Me and my travel companion were hence able to access this Clipper Lounge at about 3:30 AM in the morning, when most of the flights for the night had departed. The lounge is located at Gate 85. This lounge is operated by the Oberoi group, who earlier used to operate a contract lounge at the earlier Terminal 2, which I reviewed here and here.

Photo 22-02-14 3 31 22

The lounge looks like a 50-seater, mostly for business class access, but also some lounge sofas in a separate section for first class customers. Made me think they still may be expecting to get some airline business and not all of it would go to the airport operator’s terminal.

Photo 22-02-14 3 42 10

Photo 22-02-14 3 57 51

Photo 22-02-14 3 42 13

Even at that hour, they had a hot buffet up on offer with midnight snacks, which changed at about 4:30 AM to a breakfast menu. There were ample of soft drinks available, as well as a small selection of alcohol on offer. I remember seeing some whiskey, wines, gin and vodka on offer.

Photo 22-02-14 3 41 42

Photo 22-02-14 3 41 48

Photo 22-02-14 3 41 55

Photo 22-02-14 3 41 57

Photo 22-02-14 3 42 01

I helped myself to some food, because it was middle of the night and there was nothing better to do. But don’t judge me, as this was a portion for two.

Photo 22-02-14 3 46 50

I also saw another wet bar, which was not operational at this time. I presume this would be a cash bar for those who want a drink not available in the open bar.

There was also a small section with a couple of workstations, perhaps made for those people who wanted to get some work done while waiting.

Photo 22-02-14 3 57 45

Overall, a nice lounge for a quick pit stop before you head for your flight. However, if you are invited for lounge access by an airline, you’d be better off checking out the bigger lounge created by the airport themselves, which I presume has a larger selection of food and drinks on offer.

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  1. Hi Ajay,
    I will come to Mumbai Airport in June, on my way to Dubai.
    I will use clipper Lounge since I will have 5 hours to while away. Please tell me are there any charges to use internet, wifi at Lounge? Also is the buffet, cold drinks chargeable?
    Is alcohol free?

  2. @Sujatha, you can either buy access to the lounge for 1100 INR at the counter, or if you have complimentary access via credit card/frequent flyer programs then you’d be let in. Once inside you can use all facilities at no extra charges

  3. hi ill be travelling from dubai to singapore via mumbai airport, i have citi bank visa card issued in uae, can i use the lounge

  4. Dear,
    I am coming toMumbai on 28th Morning from Doha and will fly to Vizag @ 1100hrs. I have to spend around 5hrs in the airport can you please suggest me for clipper lounge by paying wether I can stay if so how much it costs.

  5. the wife and I are returning from Goa in March and wish to use the clipper lounge until our flight is called. Can I pay for passes in advance or do we just turn up and pay on the day.

  6. I visited this lounge last week – choice of food was awful. In the end I walked out and ate in one of the food outlets outside.

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