Jet Airways launching Chennai–Paris & Bangalore–Amsterdam flights

Jet Airways is back in a position where they are now trying to get the most out of their new friends with Delta/KLM/Air France where they have been establishing a partnership over the past year or so. With Etihad Airways still being a parent to the company, the feed traffic via the UAE plan is not exactly working out given the electronics ban at the moment.

Also, 9W has a lot of wide bodies right now they are floating on shorter segments or inside the country to beat the runway closures without impacting capacity and so on. With the runway closures gone in another 10 days, some of the capacity has already returned narrow bodies (and frequencies), and Jet Airways has progressively deployed their own 77Ws and A332s/333s on various international destinations such as Bangkok, Singapore, Kuwait, Amsterdam, Paris, Toronto, etc.

Now, Jet Airways has announced a launch of new flights from Chennai and Bangalore to new European destinations, which also adds up as a great play on 1-stop connectivity to the US of A. From October 29, 2017, Jet Airways will launch two new flights, one being a Bangalore – Amsterdam (daily flight)

Bangalore – Amsterdam

9W236 BLR0225 – 0835AMS 333 D
9W235 AMS1050 – 0040+1BLR 333 D

The Bangalore Amsterdam flight will arrive roughly 30 minutes after the flights from Mumbai and Delhi have landed and will be the only one operated out of Amsterdam on an Airbus 333 as compared to the other three flights which are going to be operated on the 77Ws. This gives them a higher business class capacity than on the B77W which has a First Class cabin as well. Also, these flights will be able to connect to USA, Mexico, European connections on DL/KL.

The second flight will be a Chennai – Paris flight operated 5x a week, excluding

9W128 MAA0145 – 0810CDG 333 x23
9W127 CDG1010 – 0015+1MAA 333 x23

This flight will connect into the Delta/AF bank of flights to take customers onwards as well.

There are introductory fares being offered at the moment on these flights. You might want to visit Jet Airways for these flight details. Here is the detailed trip report of the Business Class on these flights.


  1. So, the talk of 9W pulling out their 777 from the Dubai route seems to be true. They might be using it to replace the 333 deployed on the newly announced routes. Its a pity since their 737’s are hardly a match to the other carriers on the lucrative Dubai sector.

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