Indian access to CBP’s Global Entry program now live

Last week, we confirmed that India had formally joined the Global Entry program offered by the US Customs and Border Protection. This has been a process that has been ongoing since 2015, and only in 2016 did the formal Memorandum of Understanding get signed on. India becomes the 11th country to have access to the Global Entry program.

With this program, pre-approved, low-risk travellers from the country will be able to get accelerated clearance to the US borders, by allowing people to access through automated kiosks rather than queuing up to meet an immigration officer. Of course, you need to have a valid passport and American Visa before you can think of applying for Global Entry. Global Entry is currently available at 53 US airports and 15 pre-clearance locations.


Here is the process notified for Indian citizens to join the Global Entry program.



Apparently the Indian ambassador to the US already signed up. So the system is live and working. Iā€™m now looking for data points on how to sign up and complete the interview.

How many of you are applying to Global Entry and going to the USA without having to queue up anymore?


  1. GES Application ID seems to be different from GOES Application ID, Anyone know how long it takes for the GES Application ID to be created after submitting the GOES Application?

  2. Thanks for All your Replies.

    It has been more than 24 hrs i paid for my GOES application but i haven’t received my PSK email yet. I tried entering my 8 digit GOES ID but PSK website says “Entered GES Application ID is invalid or not available with Passport Seva System.” Contacted PSK Customer service but not luck.

    What is the average time it takes for the PSK email to show up?
    GES Application ID is the same as “Application ID” on GOES Portal?


  3. Hi did anybody contact Indian embassy regarding not being physically present in India for Police verification?

  4. I have already applied and created a GOES account. I got an email stating I need to register with Passport Seva, so I did. Now, when I go in to apply for the ‘Background Verification for GEP’ form, it asks for me to enter in my GOES Application ID Number. However, I keep getting an error message saying the GOES Application ID number is invalid or not yet processed. I submitted my GOES application on June 26 (today is July 12).

    Is anybody else having this problem? I’ve already emailed and tried calling Passport Seva and have had no help.

    • Same issue here, did it get resolved for you. I have tried putting the application number from the goes website but it does not work.

    • You must have got the GES ID number in the email you received from Passport Seva Communication Team. It is different from GOES ID and cant be seen anywhere on GOES account.

  5. I applied it today GOES and paid 100$ and got email from Indianpassport seva kendra need to register with GOES given number , I have registerd the filled the applicaiton while submit application it asking me to attend for the interview in india then I stopped the submitting application,
    I can not go inida to attend interview ,I think i am going ask for the refund from CBP , I will send an email


      • What email are you referring to? I am having the same GES id problem and don’t have an email from PSK with the GES application id. Any help would be much appreciated.

  6. I live in India, applied for gep on Friday(7th), got an appointment with rpo/passport office today (11). Application is now pending with local police station for physical verification!

    • I am in the same boat. I went to rpo today. Do I have to be present physically at the address provided when the police come for verification? Because, I am afraid I wont be at physical address since I leave for US in 2 days.

  7. It is befuddling how / why GOI needs those presently residing in the US to visit India for an additional interview (and fingerprinting).

    I created an account on SEVA (after GOES application) and am held up on the address page since (like most you on this portal) I presently live in the US, but they’re asking for police verification which is likely tied to an Indian residential address.

    Next step question: Are most people “stuck” on this page? Is GOI expecting us to input the Indian residential address irrespective of where we’re currently residing?

    I’m wondering whether the best strategy right now is to “wait and watch” – here’s hoping S. Swaraj comes to the rescue (as always!)

  8. India is the only country creating pain to its citizens and expecting additional application money and a trip to India for a process ( background and finger printing) that they have already conducted while issuing India passports

  9. If you are not planning to go to India in near future and also paid a $100 application fee before July 6th 2017, then please send an email to CBP Info Center with your Membership Number/PASSID for a full refund. I sent an email to them and below is their response.

    Thank you for contacting the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Information Center.

    The Government of India (GOI) recently informed us of their new requirement to have Indian nationals applying to Global Entry go to India for an interview. As this was not previously disclosed to us or our applicants, we are offering full refunds for anyone that applied before July 6, 2017 who cannot fulfill the GOI terms. We apologize for this, but this is not a U.S. Government requirement but rather the GOI.

    Please reply to this email with the PASSID/membership number and we will send the request to process the refund.


  10. Global Entry page for Indian Citizens was updated today to reflect the need for an in person visit to a Passport Seva office in India. I suggest the screenshots on this page be updated to reflect that.

    “After completion of step ā€˜1ā€™ applicants need to submit the requisite information, along with the applicable fee of ā‚¹500, in the Passport Seva Portal, for their background check in India. In addition to this, all Indian applicants must schedule an in-person interview at the respective Passport Seva Kendra/Passport Seva Laghu Kendra (PSK/PSLK) office as per their residential jurisdiction in India (as per the address furnished online). During the interview, Indian citizens will have their fingerprints and photo captured and complete other formalities. A visit to the PSK/PSLK is based on prior appointment only.
    If the applicant is not presently living in India, it is recommended that they apply for Global Entry prior to their next trip to India so that the appointment at the PSK/PSLK office can be completed during their visit.”

  11. I got as far as initiating a GES background check verification on the passport seva website. I just don’t know what to enter as present address because it isn’t letting me enter a US address. If you’ve figured out how this works, post your solution here.

  12. Same as the other folks have said. I applied yesterday, got an email from the Indian passport office to fill out a form/create an account for a background verification. Haven’t submitted it yet as it seems to me there is no way to enter a US address. Will go to the embassy here in DC on Friday so see what they have to say.

  13. This may be a prelude to India launching their own trusted traveler program.

    I can’t find link, but I recall a senior CBP official talking about how they hope to help build a network of interconnected trusted traveler programs around the world, and that these international arrangements with other countries are always reciprocal, i.e US Citizen members of Global Entry would be allowed access to the other country’s trusted traveler program, as they are in Germany, UK, Panama et al. The original press releases from back in 2013 when this initiative with India was first announced indicated that India was working on a trusted traveler program of their own, perhaps in consultation with the US in order to determine best practices. Testing out the background check and verification methods with Global Entry first might be a dry run before unveiling their own program that would potentially cover one billion people.

  14. I had sent an email to the consulate in San Francisco to ask if they will do the background verification for GEP. I got the following response within 10 minutes (it was 3 AM in the morning!)

    “We are awaiting necessary guidelines regarding GEP. As and when the same are received from the Ministry of External Affairs, the same would be put up on our website. Kindly keep looking for updates on our website.”

    • Yes, OCI status has nothing to do with Global Entry, which is a US initiative. As long as you are a citizen of the countries listed on the CBP page, OR are a permanent resident of the USA (Green Card Holder), you are eligible to apply.

  15. I applied on Friday – it allowed me to apply, however, I received an email from the Indian Passport Office to come in for a background verification (with an additional fee). The website for the Indian passport office has a link to apply for background verification for GEP.

    What’s annoying is that I’m in the States and obviously cannot go to to a physical address in India. I’ve reached out to the Indian consulate in Chicago about this and will update once I know more.

    • I have the same problem. Not sure if the linkage is being done properly, as I am being asked to visit the Passport Office in India for this?

    • So I haven’t heard back from the Consulate but CBP did offer to refund the $100 fee with the same message that others have posted here.

      It looks like the only way Indians living in the States can apply is if they have a trip planned to India. The question, though, is what address do we enter in the PassportSeva application if we do not have any address in India? Hotel room? Cops going to show up to “verify” whether we’re staying in that hotel or not?

      Unnecessary complications for an already complicated process.

  16. How to do this if you are living temporarily in US not India ? After applying, Indian passport folks sent an email for verification of my address in India. But I am not quite living there anymore, so to say.

  17. I believe there was a ‘constraint’, where you ‘may’ be physically asked to visit one of the centers in US (some 20+ locations) or Doha Airport to complete the application. Not sure, if I read the interpretation correctly. Would love you have your feedback on it. (I currently do not have plans to be in the US for the next 2-3 months to physically verify it)

    • I got a follow up email from Passport Seva Kendra to schedule an appointment for background verfication for GEP- I haven’t done that yet and my next trip to US is scheduled in January 2017 so waiting it out!

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