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2 years of OneWorld Emerald with the Citi Prestige Credit Card

One of the many perks of holding the Citi Prestige Credit Card is the tie-up they have with BA, where members get a tier upgrade if they fly British Airways within the first year of membership. Also, they get 5000 free Avios, which is good for a short flight in most parts of the world.

Check here to see how this helps you get oneworld Emerald status.

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Hogwash Update: BA Executive Club making available cheaper Avios redemptions on BA/Iberia flights

Earlier today, I wrote a post on British Airways Executive Club introducing changes into the earning side of the program. The summary is that if you buy cheap tickets, you get less miles and less tier points, however if you buy a high fare or a premium cabin ticket, things get better for you. Here is the official statement from BA. All these changes come into effect April 28, 2015. From a burning perspective, the changes have gotten positive, not!. One of the sweet spots for BA’s program is redeeming for Short Haul flights, where they charge as less as 4500 Avios for an economy flight. This is due to their distance-based award chart. Business Class & First Class in…

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Breaking: British Airways Executive Club revamping earning structure for tier points & Avios

This just in. As a Gold member of the British Airways Executive Club, I do send a chunk of my business their way on my business travel. Reader Deovrat alerted me to some changes they are going to be making to the structure of the Executive Club for bookings made from April 28, 2015 onwards. Tickets booked before April 28, 2015 will earn Avios at the old rates. Earning Changes: On a first look, it looks like BA is going the way of awarding more miles to higher fares, and snipping it from the lower & deep discounted economy tickets. Overall, a positive change for people booking closer to date of departure and by deduction higher fares. Minimum amount of…

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British Airways’ “The Welcome of Home” campaign

British Airways loves the Indian community. No wonder, they come up with a campaign or few every year to show their love for the Indian community. Some of the nice ones in the past include the one for Valentines Day this year, and one of the best was the The Ticket to Visit Mom campaign which they put out last year.   Now, they’ve just come out with a new one, which chronicles the journey of an Indian expatriate in Canada, coming back home. And it is another great one! India is the second largest market for BA outside of the UK, so no wonder they keep up the engagement with these tearjerkers. I personally have no issues flying BA,…

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British Airways offering First Class upgrade on Club World cabin

British Airways, from time to time works out promotions where they offer travellers in the Club World cabin a one-way upgrade in their First Class cabin when you book a round-trip in business class. This promotion has recently returned to India. How does this work? All that you need to do is to book a ticket on one of the following itineraries: Delhi and Mumbai to New York (Outbound travel must commence before 20 November 2014) Delhi and Mumbai to London (Outbound travel must commence before 31 December 2014) This promotion does not work if you book on the website, because you need to request the upgrade at the time of booking and it is subject to availability. Hence,…

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British Airways got it right with the Premium Economy

Earlier this year, I sent some of my Europe travel business to British Airways because of the convenient timings I had for travel to Europe (twice daily) rather than once daily. It involved backtracking as well, and the pains of getting a visa, but that added so much flexibility to my travel plans as well, because I could spend another night at home rather than having to necessarily take a midnight flight out of India all the time to go to continental Europe. One of my earlier trips this year, British Airways bumped me up from Economy to Premium Economy, due to the Economy cabin being overbooked. And that was the first time I really started to appreciate the Premium…

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British Airways offering double miles for India–London travel till July 31, 2014

British Airways is offering double Avios for travel between India to London and return, on all trips originating from India between June 5, 2014 to July 31, 2014. You can be booked on a longer trip to another destination in the UK, or onwards to North America or Europe, and you will get Double Avios credited on your India to London sector. You need an Indian address in your Executive Club account to be able to benefit from this promotion. Now, a regular BOM-LHR-BOM flight in economy would net you 8,938 Avios excluding any tier and cabin bonuses. Using this promotion, you get a double bonus Avios, which nets you 17,876 Avios. If you are a BA Gold, you get…

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