Etihad Guest, the frequent flyer program of Etihad Airways, is offering a tier match to their Gold tier (second from top-most) and inviting people to apply for the status match till March 15, 2015.


Etihad has long been offering status matches to Gold Elite tier, at least once a year. If you are in India and have a Citibank Prestige card, you anyways have an assured access to an Etihad Gold account, but if you don’t you should continue reading. Etihad Guest is a beneficial program for Indian frequent flyers, who travel on Jet Airways. Reciprocal benefits are available and you can use Etihad Guest miles to travel around India.

The program works best in case you are a frequent flyer with Etihad itself, or with one of their many Etihad Airways Partner airlines such as Jet Airways, Air Serbia, Virgin Australia and others. You get bonus miles, lounge access, extra baggage allowance amongst other benefits.

Here is how to apply:

  • Existing Etihad Guest members: Send us a scanned copy of your Gold card with another airline loyalty programme, copy of your latest miles statement along with your Etihad Guest membership number to
  • Non-Etihad Guest members:  Send us a scanned copy of your Gold card with another airline loyalty programme, copy of your latest miles statement along with your full name, email ID, date of birth, physical address and telephone number to

Etihad Guest is assuring you of a response in 2 weeks time, however, I wouldn’t bank on that assurance.

Tier Matching is not applicable to members of JetPrivilege and other equity partners of Etihad Airways.

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One of the USPs for Etihad is to have Abu Dhabi airport as their home airport. Actually, they go hand in hand. Back in 2013, they managed to get approval for a Customs & Border Protection outpost from the USA, commonly known as preclearance. What this means is that the immigration & passport control formalities for arriving into the USA are completed at Abu Dhabi itself, and you don’t have to wait in a queue for a few hours after you arrive in the USA. I did, and it was a total buzzkill for my Abu Dhabi – JFK First Class flight experience.

Ever since EY acquired a stake in Jet Airways, they’ve been offering a second flight to the USA using Jet’s 77W planes and crew. However, these flights were not offered the pre-clearance service due to the limited working hours of the CBP outpost initially.

Also, as per Lucky at One Mile At A Time, the CBP Pre-clearance experience was not so great initially, however they now seem to have sorted out the kinks.


However, the good news also is that all Etihad flights to the USA will now be eligible for the CBP clearance. Which means the SFO and JFK departures in the middle of the night as well.

Etihad operates the following flights to the USA from AUH:

  • New York (EY101 & EY103)
  • Chicago (EY151)
  • Washington (EY131)
  • Los Angeles (EY171)
  • Dallas (EY161)
  • San Francisco (EY183)

As Jet Airways’ fast friends, of course, all of the passengers who interline with EY at Abu Dhabi will also get to benefit from the pre-clearance service with effect from January 15, 2015.

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Etihad has been undergoing a secret makeover for months, but they don’t make a secret of it when they are ready. As a 11-year young airline, I really love their luxury product in the First Class, however, they’ve been upping the game with their new cabin products, including the Residence which they will launch on their A380 later this year.

Not just that. There has been a lot of discussion around the interwebs of a new livery that would come in on the new planes. I absolutely love the old one, but the new livery was just introduced a couple of days back on the A380 that Etihad has on order…

etihad a380

And then just a short while back, on the Boeing 787

Etihad 787

And of course, it looks stunning. This livery, bearing the Desert Diamond tail, has been designed by Landor Associates, one of the renowned brand consulting firms, which also counts Jet Airways, Cathay Pacific and Singapore Airlines amongst its clients.

The new livery draws its colour scheme from the old one, bringing in colours such as copper, slate and caramel from the current livery. It is being called the Facets of Abu Dhabi.

The new livery will be rolled out across the existing 100 planes of Etihad over the next 3 years. Here are some cool videos introducing the livery as well:

The Etihad A380 starts to fly between Abu Dhabi and London Heathrow from December 27, 2014 and as more planes get delivered, they also go to Melbourne, New York, Paris and Sydney.

The Etihad B787 will start to fly between Abu Dhabi and Dusseldorf in December 2014, and then they send the plane to Mumbai and also to Washington DC for a month each.

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Etihad is trying to be a prominent player in India, and in this regard, they are working out as hard as they can to get an uptick on traffic from India. Considering they now majorly own the JetPrivilege program, they in a way, JP Miles are also a sort of Etihad currency. Etihad is offering […]

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Last year, Etihad completed the purchase of 24% equity stake in Jet Airways, as a part of building its own equity alliance. As a part of the alliance, usually most other airlines enter into a reciprocity with Etihad’s own loyalty program whereby the guests of both programs are granted privileges on each other’s metal. With […]

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Etihad has been silent for the longest time on a cabin refresh, and yesterday, they shared details of what could be the most luxurious products in the air. Stay with me, they are creating, Apartments and full Residences in the air. Also Studios. The Suites class product is a few year old, and Etihad has […]

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Not so long ago in January 2014, the US Customs & Border Patrol Pre-clearance facility at Abu Dhabi was established. Now, Etihad put up a new short and sweet video on their website to show how it works (no wonders here). The details are however more interesting. Etihad now operates multiple flights to the USA. […]

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[Update: Deal now appears to be pulled] A new fare has emerged for travel from Colombo to Dallas/Fort Worth and back to Colombo, which includes Business Class on Sri Lankan/Etihad, First Class on Etihad and First Class on American Airlines, which is $1450 all inclusive. For positioning, Indians could always use a flight from Jet […]

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Jet Airways has completed the induction of Etihad Airways as a 24% shareholder in the airline, following the initial announcement of this deal in April 2013. Under the deal, Jet Airways issued new shares to Etihad Airways, and the stake of the founder/promoter of the airline, Naresh Goyal, is now down to 51%. James Hogan, […]

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With rapid progress being made on the Jet Airways equity alliance with Etihad Airways (the deal is expected to go through by September 30), details have begin to emerge about the commercial cooperation between 9W and EY. The fear of this being just one-sided and everyone travelling on EY metal after changing planes at Abu […]

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Jet Airways might as well become the the first of the Indian carriers to get a foreign equity investment, with the Jet – Etihad deal moving in the forward direction today after being stalled for a while. For a quick recap, Jet Airways agreed to sell 24% stake in the airline, majority stake in loyalty […]

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