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My Uber experience in Delhi, and get yourself a free ride!

Last week, I decided to pop into Delhi for a little surprise for my mom, to visit her on her birthday and hopefully take her out for dinner. However, life had other plans, and my flight got delayed getting into Delhi by over 45 minutes and my cab came and went away. I thought this wasn’t a good sign, but it really was a good sign to start trying out Uber, which has launched in Delhi in test mode about 3-4 weeks back. As soon as the plane touched the gate, and it was time to get out and get rolling. I brought up the Uber app on my iPhone, and while in my conversations with people I was being…

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Uber launches in Bangalore, try it out with Uber Credits

Uber, the SF-based super-premium car aggregator, recently launched in India, with their first Indian outpost being Bangalore. They’ve been testing their service since the past month or so, and now rolled out in the city. At the heart of the Uber experience is your smartphone, which you can flick out, and order for a car in the neighborhood using the Uber app (available for iPhones and Android), and the car will turn up at your door within a few minutes. In Bangalore, they’ve started with the Original Uber, which means a Mercedes E220 or an Audi A6 or another similar car. The pricing during the test phase was a base fare of Rs. 150 and Rs. 20 per kilometer, which…

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