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Have you tried winning your self-drive car for 2 days yet?

Earlier this week, I announced a giveaway where you could get yourself a chance to win a 2-day drive with Myles, India’s only self-drive service with availability across the country. To be able to participate, all you have to do is the following: All you got to do is to put in the comments section below, a few lines about your best roadtrip experience, or the one you want to have. Also tell me which Myles location would you pick up your car at? You can make an entry or multiple entries till Saturday, July 20, 2014. Do remember to follow @livefromalounge and @myles_IN on Twitter as well to make it count. Remember, your comments need to come in on…

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Giving away a Rs. 750 Jet Airways discount code

Time for a giveaway for the readers of the blog. I have a Jet Airways roundtrip discount code worth Rs. 750 which can be used for booking and completing your before February 28,2013. Since my personal travel before this date is pretty much lined up and booked, I’m giving you all a chance to take it off my hands and make good use of it on your travels if you are planning some. First, a note about how this works: The voucher entitles the guest (passenger) to receive a discount of Rs. 750 on return revenue tickets for travel only on Jet Airways’ domestic flights within India The discount is available only for return travel, in Economy cabin, and in…

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10 bucks for a luxury weekend in Mumbai please!

Thanksgiving came and went, but not for everyone. This year, I am working with Passports with Purpose, the annual fund raiser of travel bloggers. Passports With Purpose was founded in 2008 as a way to build community among travel bloggers and to give back to the society. In 2009, Passports with Purpose blew past its initial goal (which was to raise $14,000 to build a school in Cambodia) raising nearly $30,000 to add improvements to the basic school. In 2010, with overwhelming support and assistance from the PwP raised $64,128, over 25% more than the original goal of $50,000 and built an entire village in India.  Construction is now underway. In 2011, through partnerships with the participating bloggers, PwP raised…

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Winner: Spot the Mistake Contest!

A few days back I’d put out a small contest, asking all of you to identify various airline logo mistakes with a kiosk placed outside Mumbai CSI Airport Terminal 2. Now, I received a whole lot of replies, but here are the ones I was looking for. Most of you got 2 right, but not the third one: a) Continental Airlines merged with United, and operates under the United name now, the board still stated Continental b) Qantas no longer flies from Mumbai c) Kingfisher is there and is stated as a oneworld member. Now, this picture was clicked before Kingfisher’s license to fly was suspended, so the real catch there I was looking for was that it was a…

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I still don’t have a winning entry for this contest!

On Monday, I put out this little contest for all the aviation geeks out there. Looks like it was missed by most of you due to the BoardingArea downtime that happened the same day. The last date to submit your entries is today EOD. I am still looking for the 3 mistakes I originally asked for, and I don’t have a winner yet! So, take part here, and you might just be the winner of the American Express Gift Card from me. Related Posts: Spot the mistakes [and win a prize!] Live From A Lounge is present on Facebook, Twitter & available via email, RSS.

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Spot the mistakes [and win a prize!]

Last week sometime I was at the Mumbai Airport, and I happened to notice the e-ticket printing machines installed there. Like you know, to access an Indian airport, you need a printed itinerary (not an electronic one, but a paper copy!). Now, here is a picture of all the options presented at the machine: Now, there are at least 3 mistakes on this board, there could be more! And remember, this picture was taken before Kingfisher was officially grounded by the DGCA! Contest time! Here is the contest, in the comments section, you have to tell me what 3 mistakes are on the board, and your country of residence. One of the entries, which has all the three correct answers,…

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