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JetPrivilege Credit Cards for the Jet Setters

For all the jet-setters frequent flyers, here are our top picks of credit cards you should have in your pocket to help you stack JP miles and fast track your JetPrivilege elite status.

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Diners Club gets 3 new transfer partners!

HDFC Bank Diners Club

Diners Club / HDFC Bank have recently struck three new partnerships and added new transfer partners to the Diners Club card portfolio. Here is the news, before you find out from HDFC Bank themselves!

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Get 4 free Jet Airways flights every year for sure!

Jet Airways

Entrepreneur, Corporate, Hobbypreneur or just a traveller. We all need to take a flight every now and then. How about we told you a great way to earn yourself four free flights a year, for just a small amount of work.

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Credit Card Strategy for Diwali 2017!

American Express Gold Card

Diwali is here, and this is the time when we are all out there buying for the home and friends and family. I thought I’d share my thoughts on how I’m spending my hard earned money this year and bounce off some ideas with you all as well.

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