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My 2016 Mileage Earning Credit Card Strategy

Every year, I enlist the credit cards I am using and the ones I am junking. Here is the list of cards in my pocket at this point of time. I’m surely on the look out for more opportunities to earn miles and points, so help me filter this list further to make it better!

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My 2015 Indian Credit Cards Mileage Earning Strategy

Credit Cards play a huge role in earning miles in the current scenario around India. Here are all the credit cards I am spending on currently, along with my rationale for each of the credit cards. Have a look.

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Jet Airways and HDFC Bank launch a co-branded debit card

I almost thought I was nuts to have imagined that HDFC Bank and Jet Airways announced last year that they would introduce co-branded Debit Cards as a part of their alliance. There was no word from either party for a whole year after launching a credit card, and now it comes. On the 1st of July, HDFC Bank and Jet Airways finally launched a JetPrivilege HDFC Bank World Debit Card. Like I mentioned earlier, debit cards are a bigger market in India than credit cards, and a lot of people do not like to borrow to spend. And HDFC Bank would be the first debit card in the Indian market to offer a debit card which earns miles on swiping…

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