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When will Air India fix its planes?


It is a little bit sad to see the state of affairs at Air India being as messy as I saw earlier this week when I flew them. Everything is broken on their planes, and the general apathy of the people in their offices towards passengers is unbeatable! They just don’t want to seem to fix the customer experience.

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Air India Flying Returns drops the devaluation bomb!


Air India’s Frequent Flyer Program Flying Returns has been changed for a third time in 8 weeks. Air India’s intentions are noble, because they are taking away fuel surcharge from all international redemptions, but the amount the miles they ask in return for this has gone up a bit too much.

Here are all the details of this program changes, which have gone online overnight!

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Tonnes of changes coming to Air India Flying Returns

One of the best and worst frequent flyer programs in India at the same time is Air India’s Flying Returns. Why bad? Because it is a pretty miserly program I would say again and again. Why good? Because they’ve got a credit card on the market which makes it easy to earn their miles and status, and they are a member of Star Alliance, so their status comes handy across the globe. Having said that, I received a new membership kit yesterday, which had a Golden Edge membership card valid till April 2015 (my status matched membership expired in March 2015 actually). As per the postmarks, the kit was dispatched in April 2015, and I am already an Air India…

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Air India giving away free tickets on various spends

Air India has launched a new promotion yesterday, called My Dream Destination. Under this promotion, when you make cumulative domestic spends on Air India for various amounts over a period of 3 months (February 9, 2015 to May 9, 2015), you will be eligible for free Economy Class tickets on the Air India domestic and international network. Here is how the free ticket offer works: Bill tickets worth INR 75,000 – INR 100,000: INR 75,000 spend earns you a free economy ticket one way on Air India’s domestic network/regional network including Singapore, Bangkok, Kathmandu, Dubai & Muscat. For INR 100,000 spend you get a free return economy ticket. Bill tickets worth INR 200,000: You get a free economy return ticket…

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Booking Star Alliance tickets with AI Flying Returns: it’s buggy & complicated

Ever since Air India joined Star Alliance, the interest in being able to redeem Air India Flying Returns miles for Star Alliance tickets has been well known, but somehow, it has been so complicated that no one has bothered to figure it out. Even in the award reservation service I am offering in beta right now, there has not been much interest in using AI miles for Star Alliance tickets. One part of the reason is that the award chart is inflated, and the other is the myth that only Air India elites can access the Star Alliance inventory. Reader Deovrat tried to crack the code, and went about making a dummy reservation. He used a request to redeem for…

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