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#avgeeks, watch 5 Airbus 350s flying in formation

A friend sent me a couple of video links last night and I’ve been watching in awe on loop ever since. The first video is of the planning and execution of a formation flight of 5 Airbus 350 planes, which was done about two months back. The video is the back-end story of how they went about planning the flight and the various maneuvers that went about it.  Have a look: The second one is the final product, which looks awesome, with Airbus 350s flying around in Arrow, Echelon and Diamond formations. Quite frankly, I always thought only military planes would have display formations, but this is awesome to see it with regular airplanes as well. Enjoy the view! Join over…

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Going Dutch: Flight 9W227 (BRU-BOM), Jet Airways, Premiere (A333)

Introduction Check-in: Clipper Lounge, Terminal 2, Mumbai Airborne: Flight 9W228 (BOM-BRU), Jet Airways, Premiere (A332) Hotel Manhattan, Rotterdam Hotel Sheraton Brussels Airport, Brussels Check-in: Jet Airways Lounge, Brussels Airborne: Flight 9W227 (BRU-BOM), Jet Airways, Premiere (A333) As I arrived at my gate, the familiar long boarding queues were visible. Airlines from India, in any part of the world, do not follow a systematic boarding procedure and this means everyone is crowding out the gate to get on the flight first. Once I could find my way through the crowd on the plane, I turned left and took my first steps onto the new business class cabin of Jet Airways to head towards seat 1K. Like I’ve mentioned earlier, Jet Airways…

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