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Indigo stops charging for (most) window and aisle seats

A while ago, I wrote on this blog about how Indigo was inferring unbundling rules on their own tangent, offering upto 72% of the seats on the plane as pay for selection, which was not in spirit of the Indian regulations. They tried being creative earlier as well, even trying to charge for the middle seat. Basically, they were trying to charge for as many seats as possible to maximise revenue. Anyhow, after the post, I see things have changed. I recently booked my parents on another Indigo flight, and after booking up the trip, it was time to assign seats as well. Out here, I saw that the number of seats offered for premium seat assignment was way less…

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Getting around the annoying convenience fee on Indian airlines

I know I know, all of you are very very annoyed by the new transaction/convenience fees that have been out there from various airlines for a while now. Even though the Supreme Court of India recently ruled that airlines could not charge a separate transaction fee over and above the displayed fares, they have renamed it CONvenience fee and continue to charge this fee, even those who announce proudly, like Indigo and SpiceJet. Declaration Actual Travel Agents and online travel agents have been, on similar lines, popping up a booking fee right before payment is made, which makes you believe through the booking process that you are booking tickets with a x value, but it turns up to have a Rs.…

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A compilation of all the airline fees in India

Airline fees has been a hot topic of debate, with airlines unbundling all their services. I personally don’t like the escalating fee for everything on an aircraft, because it adds up to a lot, and back in the day it used to be complimentary or way less of a charge. It becomes hard to keep track, and note that there so many new fees being introduced these days, like the money charged for a ticket printout, or convenience fee charged to book a ticket online. I’ve been meaning to compile a master list of all these charges and put it up as a resource here, but haven’t had the time. But somehow, the good Samaritans at thought of the…

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