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Are all airports in India withdrawing Premium privileges?

A few days ago, I happened to read a news article, where it discussed that the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS), the authority responsible for aviation security setup across India, had ordered to remove the special screening queue for Business & First Class passengers. The argument used by BCAS was: We can’t have empty queues at Business Class queue when Economy queues have all the rush. According to another report, the segregation already was repealed as of February 26, 2015. However, while passing through Delhi earlier this month, I did not see these measures implemented. Just yesterday, I was at Mumbai Airport’s Terminal 2, and I noticed that the special queue for Business/First Class passengers for passport control was…

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Mumbai Airport finally has premium security queues!

On my last trip out of Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Sivaji International Airport terminal 2 (Going Dutch), I noticed a new thing I hadn’t seen the last time I was there in December 2012. I was going to fly Jet Airways Premiere (Business class) to Brussels, and after clearing Immigration/Passport Control, I headed into what I thought was going to be a long serpentine queue for the security check. However, I was pleasantly surprised when there was a new signage in the security hall, which said “First Class/Business Class” passengers. To me, this indicated that there was a priority queue put in place for premium travellers and for disabled passengers, which, incidentally was much smaller than regular queue. Your boarding pass had…

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Indian airport security may go the TSA way

Last week, an interesting news report surfaced in the Times of India, which detailed the plans of the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security, which is in charge of airport security in India, experimenting with a new model for passenger screening. As per this news report: Flyers in India may soon be required to take off their shoes and belts to clear pre-boarding security checks just like in all US and some European airports. As per the BCAS, this is being considered to ensure that “shorten serpentine queues at frisking counters as well as enhance the quality of checking.” They have already done a pilot project in Delhi at Terminal 1D, the low-fare carrier terminal, where they are now evaluating the…

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