Jet Airways is offering double miles on the business class (Premiere) fares they are offering for flights from Delhi to their two stations in North America, which are Newark (EWR) and Toronto (YYZ) between July 1, 2014 and September 30, 2014.


Now, this is clearly done for increasing business class traffic on North American routes, where I am guessing they are facing competition from Middle East and European carriers. For travelling in Premiere, you would get JP miles credited as per the direct routing for DEL-YYZ-DEL, which is 7244 flown miles as compared to DEL-BRU-YYZ and back which is 7750 flown miles. On top of this you get a bonus of 7244 miles as double miles bonus, and 3622 miles for flying business class revenue fares, and any other tier bonuses. So, at a minimum, you are looking at 36000 JP Miles on this round trip to Toronto, and 38000 JP miles on a round trip to Newark. Of course, if you book with a Jet Airways co-branded credit card, you get a lot more JP miles as well.

Here is a review of my Mumbai – Brussels flight Business Class last year, which is the new A330-300 service with the staggered business class seats and services. Also, the review of the A330-200 service, which sometimes serves this route with the herringbone business class seats.

The salient terms & conditions of this promotion are as follows:

  • Applicable for travel in Première only.

  • Offer is valid for travel taken between July 1, 2014 and September 30, 2014 (both days inclusive). Travel taken post September 30, 2014 will not be eligible for the Double Base JPMiles offer and standard JPMiles as applicable will be awarded for such travel.

  • Travel has to be undertaken against a qualifying revenue ticket that is eligible for JPMiles credit.

  • Not applicable for travel taken on Programme Airline Partners or Jet Airways code share flights with other Airlines.

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Long long time ago, in 2008 or earlier, some genius inside Jet Airways, and I don’t mean it in a sarcastic way, figured the best way to reduce the crowd at the airport check-in counters was to incentivise people to check in via computers. And the incentive, they figured, was a bunch of extra miles. They started to award 250 bonus miles per sector to everyone who ever checked-in on a domestic or international flight via their website or kiosks (and SMS back in the day) on Jet Airways, and 125 bonus miles per sector for those using JetKonnect/JetLite.

I’m assuming it worked well to influence the behaviour of people who travel with Jet Airways and JetKonnect and encouraged them to move to alternate channels for check-in. Over the years, other bottlenecks got sorted as well, such as the need for a stamp on web check-in boarding passes from the airline.

This was always a generous bonus, which Jet Airways continued to give for over 6 years, and I think most of the travelling population expected it to continue forever. However, I was always wondering, the shift to web checkin must have gone from 0-1% of travel to maybe 30-40% or even more over the years, so when would this bonus stop? My 30-40% assumption is based on the number of seats blocked in a plane when I have tried to check in a few hours before the flight over the years and is an assumption.

Anyhow, I figure the airline has now figured that the habit of the travellers to check-in ahead has been formed and people see the convenience of web/kiosk check-ins. So, this afternoon, I received a harmless email which stated:

Effective April 01, 2014, 250 / 125 Bonus JPMiles rewarded on Jet Airways / JetKonnect respectively, for availing web and kiosk check-in services, will be withdrawn. However you can continue using the self service check-in options for your future travel.

Of course, I will continue to block my seats and web check-in rather than go to the airport and play a game of dice to get a good seat on the plane. It is so much more convenient to be able to web check-in and see the seatmap in front of you rather than have an agent tell you what seats are still open. In fact I fret when I have a Jet Airways flight booked as a JetKonnect codeshare and I can’t web checkin for it.

Some people have linked this to the separation of the JetPrivilege program from an in-house program to a separate company which will be majority owned by Etihad. My view is that this bonus was going to go away some day anyways, and if this sale of program is the tipping point, even then I won’t hold it against them. Those miles were sweet, but all good things come to an end! Remember, they’ve also upped the mileage earning from 20% on deep discounted fares to 100% on all fares 2 years back, so overall more miles for you.

Does this mean that the miles for online purchase of tickets directly from Jet Airways or JetKonnect website will go away? I don’t expect this to happen. Airlines have to compensate travel agents for generating business, and if 500 miles/sector got them a direct reservation, that I believe is a small trade off for the customers to come to them directly. And remember, their competition Air India is also rewarding customers with 500 miles per sector for direct website bookings.

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Like I wrote a couple of weeks back, Jet Airways is launching new routes from Bangalore & Hyderabad to Abu Dhabi. To celebrate this launch, they are offering double base miles for the first two months on these sectors, i.e., between March 1 and April 30 2014.

This means you can net about 8300 JP Miles if you fly economy on these route round trip before this date (including 250 JPMiles for web-checkin and 500 JPMiles as online booking bonus per segment). If you have some sort of status with Jet Airways, you’ll get your tier bonuses as well. If you travel business class, you can get another 850 miles per segment approximately.


And not to forget, if you book with any of the Jet Airways credit cards, you have an additional opportunity to earn miles on your credit card as well.

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Last week, I wrote about the new long-haul flight from Jet Airways, which will be Mumbai – Paris – Mumbai, a daytime departure from India to get into Paris, and an overnight flight from Paris to Mumbai. Jet Airways has announced special fares for this route for any dates, which will be available for purchase […]

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Jet Privilege, which is the frequent flyer program for Jet Airways, is offering 2,500 JPMiles for sign-up, if you are not an existing member of the program. Jet Airways operates on domestic as well as international routes to the Middle-East, South-East Asia, Europe and North America from India. If you are not already on Jet […]

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Back in November, American Express India launched a member-get-member promotion, where the referrer and referred new cardholder are both going to get bonus points/miles for signing on for a new American Express Credit Card via this program. Under the program, the referrer will get 3,000 extra JPMiles if they hold the Jet Amex, and 3,000 […]

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Jet Airways has been running a lucrative 20% bonus on conversion of your points to JPMiles for a while now. It comes and goes every now and then. In the current avatar, the following banks/loyalty program points are being converted to miles with 20% bonus: American Express Citibank India/UAE (ex PremierMiles issued in India) HDFC […]

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Last year, when American Express and Jet Airways launched their co-branded Jet-Airways American Express Credit Card, they offered a special sign-up bonus of 10,000 JPMiles over and above the welcome gift of 20,000 JPMiles which is the standard on-going offer. However, the sign-up bonus was only available to those who paid the INR 10,000 + […]

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ICICI Bank’s Jet Airways co-branded credit cards have now completed about a full year in the business. When they started, they had a lot of issues with putting out credit cards, most of which are now resolved. Very recently, they offered a special promotion where there were extra JPMiles going out for signing up for […]

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Like I’ve written in the past, Jet Airways has been offering a promotion, where they top up your credit card points converted to JP Miles.  There is a 20% bonus added by Jet Airways for converting your credit card points from the following banks: American Express Axis Bank Citibank HDFC Bank HSBC IndusInd Bank Kotak […]

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Between 1 September 2013 to 31 October 2013, JetPrivilege is offering 250 JP miles for a 15 minute financial planning session with Aegon Religare Life Insurance. Also, 1 lucky winner every month gets to win 10,000 JP miles as well. Now, there is no obligation to buy insurance, but I’m sure you’d be getting followed […]

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