Jet Airways and American Express have been together for roughly two years now, and American Express has decided it needs to freshen up the product. So, in this spirit, multiple efforts have happened in the past few months. The new changes come into effect from October 20, 2014.

Firstly, American Express dropped the 1st year pricing on this card to INR 5000 along with 10000 JP Miles for sign up, with 2nd year pricing continuing to be INR 10,000. You could add another 2,000 JP Miles by taking your card via a referral. They also added 7 lounges earlier this year, although for JP co-branded cards, these were paid lounges and not free.

Some good and some bad changes coming up to the card.

Mileage Earning is being devalued:

Till so far, you earned 6 JP Miles/INR 100 spent for every spend, and 12 JP Miles/INR 100 spent for Jet Airways website. Now, you will earn 8 JPMiles/INR 150 spent and 16 JP Miles/INR 100 spent for Jet Airways (website). This is a 12% devaluation in the number of JP Miles you can earn for your spend.

The bigger change is the removal of following categories from earning any JP Miles at all:

  • Insurance payments
  • Fuel, including petrol, diesel, CNG from oil marketing companies
  • Utilities, including electricity, water and gas.

Lounge access is being enhanced:

Earlier this year, Jet Airways notified a list of lounges which you could use for INR 500 per visit with your Jet Airways co-branded credit card. This apart from the Mumbai and Delhi Amex lounges. Now, you can use the following lounges free of cost across India (only to primary cardmembers).


Here is a review of some of these lounges: Mumbai Amex Lounge & Bengaluru Plaza Premium Lounge.

Membership to Trident’s Privilege Program at the Gold Tier

Complimentary membership for the Trident Hotel’s loyalty program is being added. You will get the Gold Tier to start for 2 years, along with 2 room upgrade vouchers. If you stay at the Trident Hotels, which is the business hotel brand for the Oberoi Hotels, you should be happy about this move. Benefits include:

  • Express check in and check out
  • Early check in (Subject to availability)
  • Late check out till 3 p.m. (subject to availability)
  • Double Occupancy at no extra charges
  • 50% savings on rack rate of suites on weekends (Friday to Sunday)

Complimentary night’s stay for at Oberoi properties

For some of the Oberoi properties, you get to stay one night extra with all benefits for 3 nights/2 nights paid stays. The details are here.

Essentially, no ground breaking enhancements unless you use this as your sole travel credit card, and personally I’d continue to keep my JP Amex in my pocket, but allocate only the relevant spend to this card.

How do you feel about these changes to the JP Amex card?

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A few days ago, I reported that the promised tier upgrades and status matches for Air India, which are available via their co-branded card with SBI were not going through. There was either a technology problem, or there was a snap of relationships between both parties. We don’t know.

However, I’ve been hearing since yesterday days, that people have started to get their upgrade confirmations via email, for status earned via spend on Air India. This looks like it is sorted now. However, for me personally, something seems to be off, as my account is locked out. Which definitely points towards a technology upgrade of some sorts that may have happened at the back end.

For those of you who qualified, I hope you receive your status credentials for Air India Silver or Gold shortly.

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One of the differentiating features of Air India’s co-branded card with SBI Cards is the tier upgrades you get on Air India Flying Returns every time you spent another INR 5,00,000 in the membership year. You get Silver Status for the first INR 5,00,000 and Gold Status for the next INR 5,00,000. This is now equivalent to Star Alliance Gold status, with Air India having joined the Star Alliance.

SBI Cards in fact also launched a status match program for the holders of other airlines status in the meanwhile, I am assuming with Air India’s approval.

Everyone who hits the INR 5,00,000 mark receives a kit automatically, because these were processed straight through back in the day. But recently, a friend who hit the mark did not receive anything after a few weeks as well. So, we queried SBI Cards, who said

Tier Upgrades are on hold till September 15, 2014. We are working with Air India to sort this out at the earliest, however you are requested to contact us after this date to proceed further.

I’ve also been hearing Air India is having rethink on status upgrades now that they are in Star Alliance, and they’d have to extend all Star Alliance benefits to their members as well, however, I am sure they don’t care about these costs like they’ve not in the past.

Any one of my readers face the stalling from SBI Cards on their AI status upgrades as well? Do write in the comments section.

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