Last year, Etihad completed the purchase of 24% equity stake in Jet Airways, as a part of building its own equity alliance. As a part of the alliance, usually most other airlines enter into a reciprocity with Etihad’s own loyalty program whereby the guests of both programs are granted privileges on each other’s metal. With Jet Airways, this has been a long time coming, and I suppose Etihad has been waiting to complete their acquisition of 51% of Jet Privilege to be able to integrate the two. This transfer only completed as of April 2014.

Anyhow, the good news is, that as of today, the reciprocal benefits have been announced by both the carriers. First lets take a go at Jet Airways. They have modified their JetPrivilege page to now list the benefits that JP members would get on Etihad flights marketed either as EY or as 9W flights. Key inclusions are:

  • Gold & Platinum JP members get a dedicated check-in desk, priority baggage tagging, lounge access (business & first class respectively), and priority boarding.
  • Silver, Gold & Platinum JP members get 10,15 & 20 kgs extra for baggage allowance
  • All JP members will earn 1 tier point for every EY flight they take, where they chose to credit it to JetPrivilege. However as per current language, no Tier JPMiles will accrue, only redeemable miles will. Also, you could be flying Etihad F on Abu Dhabi – New York JFK, but you still get 1 tier point only (Just an example).
  • 10%, 20% and 30% bonus JP miles over and above redeemable miles will accrue to Silver, Gold and Platinum members.

Here is a snapshot of the benefits in this table. jponey

On the other hand, Etihad has updated their website to show how the Etihad Guest members would be able to benefit on flying Jet Airways or JetKonnect. The following benefits apply for EY Etihad Guest members while they fly Jet Airways:

  • 10%, 20% and 30% tier bonus for EY Silver, Gold and Gold Elite members
  • Priority Check-in, Priority Baggage tagging, Priority Baggage and Lounge Access for EY Gold & Gold Elite.
  • 10 kgs, 15 kgs, 20 kgs respectively as excess baggage allowance on 9W/9WK flights for Silver, Gold and Gold Elite flights.

What foxes me is that Etihad Guest is offering tier miles/segments to their members on flying 9W/9WK.

I am so glad the mystery is finally over and now I know how to treat my miles when flying 9W or EY. If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a comment and I’ll write back or respond here.

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Etihad has been silent for the longest time on a cabin refresh, and yesterday, they shared details of what could be the most luxurious products in the air. Stay with me, they are creating, Apartments and full Residences in the air. Also Studios.

The Suites class product is a few year old, and Etihad has a fully enclosed suites as well on its aircraft, along with Singapore Airlines, Emirates and Jet Airways amongst others. So, they took this opportunity to have new aircraft to do something new altogether. Since 2008, Etihad worked with 3 different companies, no less, to design the new experience and product for their upcoming planes.

The Residence, which will be single or double occupancy, is targeted at the private jet customers. From the media release:

Each Etihad Airways A380 will offer a boutique version of The Residence with different color palettes, table marquetry and custom carpets.

Guests in The Residence will have the services of a personal Butler throughout their flight.

Here is a video of the product:

Not just that, Etihad will launch Apartments class on their A380s. Nine First Apartments will be installed on the upper deck in a 1-1 configuration. Each First Apartment will include a reclining armchair and a full-length ottoman. The ottoman transforms into a separate 80 inch long fully flatbed. There will also be the frills, including a a chilled mini-bar and a swiveling TV monitor for viewing from either the seat or the bed. This product will be 74% larger than the airline’s current award-winning First Class Suites, reviewed here. And yes, you can have interconnected apartments if you are flying together.

Here is a video of the product

Not to be left behind Emirates, a fully equipped shower room will be on the A380 for exclusive use by First Class guests.

On the Boeing 787’s, which is a narrower product than the A380, the airline will fly with a 1-2-1 configuration of First Class Suites, with the capability to create a double bed on the double seat in the midst. Here is how it would look

The Business Class studios, which took five years to develop, will be all-aisle access products, in a 1-2-1 layout on both plane types. All business class seats would offer an 80.5 inch flatbed, and if you’re travelling as a couple, you could remove the privacy screen in the middle.  Although I can’t make out the studios from other business class products and maybe this is just a branding move, but here are cabin videos for you on the A380 and 787

Etihad will position the A380s on the London Heathrow route first in December 2014 and add another plane to serve the same route in Q1 2015. Later, they will add more such planes and through 2015 intend to fly their A380s to New York JFK as well as Sydney. Each aircraft is designed to carry 498 guests, including 2 guests in The Residence by Etihad™, 9 guests in the innovative First Class Apartments, 70 guests in the new Business Class Studios (on the upper deck), and 417 guests in Economy Class.

Etihad’s 787 product will perhaps be the first product to have a First Class product in the aircraft type as well. There will be 8 F suites, 28 J studios and 199 Economy class seats in this product.

Etihad’s first B787-900 will be introduced into service in December 2014 and will head to Dusseldorf. Next two planes will be deployed to service Mumbai and Washington DC in January 2015.

Thank you Etihad. You just upped the game to a whole new level.

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Not so long ago in January 2014, the US Customs & Border Patrol Pre-clearance facility at Abu Dhabi was established. Now, Etihad put up a new short and sweet video on their website to show how it works (no wonders here).

The details are however more interesting. Etihad now operates multiple flights to the USA. They’ve in fact engaged Jet Airways’ Boeing 777-300ERs to operate one of the flights (EY103) between Abu Dhabi and New York JFK as well. As it turns out, Etihad would offer the US Pre-clearance facility only on the following flights, which are operated on its own metal:

Etihad Airways operates flights to three destinations in the U.S. – New York (EY101 only), Chicago (EY151) Washington (EY131) and  Los Angeles* ( EY171). Guests flying to above destinations in the U.S. will use the CBP facility at Abu Dhabi Airport.

Please note: This service is not available for the Etihad Airways flight number EY103 to New York (JFK).
* Los Angeles flights from 1 June 2014.

I first thought that this could be because the flights were from different terminals, but it turns out the EY103 flight is operated from Terminal 3 at Abu Dhabi Airport as well. So, why the step-treatment, I don’t understand.

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Jet Airways has completed the induction of Etihad Airways as a 24% shareholder in the airline, following the initial announcement of this deal in April 2013. Under the deal, Jet Airways issued new shares to Etihad Airways, and the stake of the founder/promoter of the airline, Naresh Goyal, is now down to 51%. James Hogan, […]

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With rapid progress being made on the Jet Airways equity alliance with Etihad Airways (the deal is expected to go through by September 30), details have begin to emerge about the commercial cooperation between 9W and EY. The fear of this being just one-sided and everyone travelling on EY metal after changing planes at Abu […]

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Jet Airways might as well become the the first of the Indian carriers to get a foreign equity investment, with the Jet – Etihad deal moving in the forward direction today after being stalled for a while. For a quick recap, Jet Airways agreed to sell 24% stake in the airline, majority stake in loyalty […]

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