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Etihad Airways Partners launches unified loyalty benefits & products

Etihad "The Residence" Living Room Entertainment

Etihad and the 7 member carriers of Etihad Airways Partners, including Jet Airways and Air Berlin have formally launched the Etihad Airways Partners’ alliance benefits today. Here is a lowdown of all that you can expect across all the 8 carriers with effect from today.

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World’s most expensive flight costs $38,000 o.w. between London to Sydney on Etihad Residence

Etihad "The Residence" Living Room Couch + Ottoman

Etihad’s The Residence is the most groundbreaking product in the whole aviation world since the invention of the first suites were installed on an A380 about 8 years ago! And here is how much it costs to fly in the Etihad A380 on the various routes you can fly on Etihad’s The Residence these days!

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JetPrivilege Lounge Access to Etihad Lounges


Jet Airways has access to Etihad’s Premium Lounge network across the globe as an Etihad Partner airline. We found it important to discuss the lounge access policies of these various lounges which Jet Airways’ customers have access to around the world.

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