Hyatt Gold Passport is perhaps a very very good program, except I don’t always get to appreciate them because of their limited availability where I am present.

Now, Hyatt is back with promotions for the September – November 2014 quarter, a time which is usually packed with business travel. This is a rehash of the Hyatt New Possibilities promotion, which ran same time last year. Except, this time around, they are doing targeted promotions. Here are the few offers I’ve heard of so far:

Offer 1: Upto 50,000 Bonus Gold Passport Points

  • Stay 5 Nights: Get 5000 Bonus Points
  • Stay 10 Nights: Get 10000 Bonus Points (Total 15000 Bonus Points)
  • Stay 15 Nights: Get 150000 Bonus Points (Total 30000 Bonus Points)
  • Stay 20 Nights: Get 20000 Bonus Points (Total 50000 Bonus Points)

Offer 2: Complete 3 stays, get 10000 Gold Passport Points


Offer 3: Complete 1 stay, get 2000- 5000 Gold Passport Points

You’d be able to register only if you were targeted. So, do not fret if you don’t have an offer yet, because Hyatt is still in the process of sending out emails for these promotions.

Do note, you do need to stay at a Hyatt brand to be able to earn these bonuses, and stays at M-life properties don’t count.

So what was your offer? I landed the complete 3 stays get 10000 points promotion.

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We all live in an ever changing world, right? Plans change all the time, but usually for business travellers. Once upon a time I did not make it to NYC in time because I had a flat tire on my plane. I had to spend a few days after trying to convince the hotel about the fact they should not charge for no show in that case.

A few days ago, I was tossing and turning, trying to talk myself out of a Hyatt Diamond Trial. And I signed up anyways.

Like a lot of my readers or followers on Twitter may have known, I’m back at the Park Hyatt Goa Resort and Spa later this week. These guys are pretty awesome and I love this resort as one of the best properties in India, and I’ve been to other awesome ones as well, such as the Taj Lake Palace in Udaipur and … there is a list. Here is my earlier review from 2012 of the PH Goa. I know they have a great General Manager there, who I trade emails with every now and then.

Now, just today, about a day prior to arrival, I got a call from one of my friends who wanted to drop out because of their kid not doing very well. They did have their bags packed and were going to go off to Goa before everyone else. And then this happened. Unfortunate I say, but I picked up the phone and called up the reservations team of the hotel, who I have been coordinating with for a while now. They promised to call me back as soon as possible.

The hotel really went up a few notches in my eyes with what they did next. They agreed to cancel the room at no charge to the guests. To be fair to them, the resort was booked up fully, and now they might have to go with an empty room, which I hope they’d be able to get over to another last minute customer who wants to come in.

I know, they did not have to do this. But they went above and beyond. One more reason I’d love going back there every now and then. I know I’ll be taken care of!

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I recently found myself on an extra night layover in the Netherlands, and while I usually stay put at the Manhattan Hotel, Rotterdam, in this case, I decided to head to a hotel closer to the airport, since I had a very early morning flight to catch and I wasn’t sure if the railway service would be up and running at that hour. The choice boiled down to Hyatt Place since the Sheraton across the airport was quoting at 269 Euros that night, and that is expensive just to sleep a few hours.

To get to Schipol Airport from Rotterdam Central, I used the train since the distances are large enough for a Euro 100 cab ride at least, and that is a lot of money for commute. My thought process was that I could take the hotel shuttle from the airport to the Hyatt Place Hotel, which is 5 kilometres away from the airport. The shuttle picks up passengers from the end of the Schipol Plaza, near the Starbucks, and frequents every 30 minutes or so.


On the day I was checking in, there seemed to be a KLM flight cancellation, and all the passengers on that flight were accommodated at this hotel. Hence, the driver of the shuttle bus seemed pissed, and he did indeed have to act firm (and rude!) to get a few people off the bus when he was going to take them to the hotel.

The hotel is in the middle of a town, however, there is nothing next door. To get a meal outside the hotel, you would have to walk to a McDonalds few blocks down. It is a red brick building, and very fresh and new since the hotel only came up about six months ago at best. I could not click any pictures on the outside. When I arrived at the hotel, it seemed the cancelled flight folks had already made it before me, and there was a crowd at check-in. I waited a while for it to clear, before I was attended to, and the host, as they are called at Hyatt Places, quickly informed me about breakfast and had me on my way.


I was assigned a high-floor room, and no upgrades were given as a Hyatt Gold Member. I was on my way in no time. One refreshing thing I noticed about the hotel, apart from the  brand new paint smell, was how it was colourful and roomy in the public areas as well.

The lobby has lots of seating space, in various permutations and combinations, and two computers with printers, and a print from your room service at the lobby. Also, there is no dearth of power plugs around in this lobby.




The public areas on various floors also are done up pretty well.



My room was the Hyatt Place King room, the one I booked, and did not look like the pictures they put up on the website. But it was spacious, and good enough for one person to sleep comfortably during the night. There was a big couch along with the bed, and a big 42” TV, which I did not see the purpose of being there, because airport hotels are not usually vacation spots for most people who stay there.





The best part about the hotel, was the ample number of plug points, not just in the lobby area, but in the room as well. They were all over the place, including the bed posts, the work desk and so on.

The worst part of the hotel was the internet connection. They use Swissport for their internet service provision, and these ones don’t work on an iPhone for whatever reason.

The view from the hotel was nothing to write home about for me. I thought this being an Airport hotel I could see some take-offs and landings, however that was not to be.


The bath had the standard amenities, and a shower with just one shower head. Pretty large for an airport hotel, but that is about it.



For eating inside the hotel, there is a large gallery restaurant, which I did not try that night because I was going to be meeting Tim from Points to be Made at the airport (another shuttle ride with the grumpy man!). The same restaurant serves breakfast in the morning, which is always included in the price of the room. I was gone at about 530 AM, however, this FlyerTalk thread shares that the breakfast is a good spread around there. You could also purchase food from the deli/pantry located in the lobby itself.


I thought they could do much better with the shuttle frequency and organisation, because on the way back to the hotel from the airport the second time over after dinner with Tim, I had to let go one shuttle and the next one only came quite a while later. Also, while other hotels use the shuttle bus stop right outside Schipol Plaza, these folks use a separate area which is confusing for everyone who did not bother to read their website.

My sleep was comfortable for a one night stay, and the next morning, I was on my way from the hotel early in the morning. One thing I did not realise was that their shuttle service only starts at 0600 hours, so my options at 530 AM were either to take public conveyance, which I wasn’t sure of, or cabbing it to the airport. Guess what I did? Anyhow, shuttle service timed to match the first departures of the day would be great from my perspective.

Overall, a decent location and place, but discomfort for those with an  early morning flight. I’d come back here if the price was right. I paid Euro 124 plus taxes for this stay.

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I’m torn here and this is not a good feeling. Sometimes I feel the golden criteria for being a blogger based on BoardingArea should be that you have Hyatt’s Diamond status. And I haven’t had that for most of the 3 years I’ve been around. See, here are the key benefits of being a Hyatt […]

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Take a break, airfare sales. Hyatt is out with a flash sale, open from today till August 15, 2014 where they are offering a straight 50% off Daily Available Rates as a part of their Monsoon Flash sale in India. Here are the salient Terms & Conditions: Book between 01AUG14 00:00 Hours and 15AUG14 23:59 […]

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Last week, there were some targeted promotions sent out via email to members of the Starwood SPG and Hyatt Gold Passport programs, which should be of interest to some of you. These would have quietly landed up in your inbox and you need to look for them and register to be able to make use […]

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One of the two hotel currencies that are much wanted around the world are Hyatt Gold Passport Points, and for the lack of a co-branded credit card, they are pretty hard to earn in India.  Hyatt does take to the bonus route on new hotel openings, and at this moment they are offering bonuses of […]

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Reader Varun Checker, pointed me to a great promotion running at the Grand Hyatt Mumbai, which is are celebrating their 10th year, by offering a straight 50% off discount on Hyatt Daily Rates if booked before March 17, 2014. The promotion offers 50% off for stays booked till March 17, 2014 and made between March […]

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Hyatt Hotels is celebrating the Chinese Year of the Horse, and they are offering select participants a chance to add 100 Gold Passport points to their account on the occasion. While this is a targeted promotion, many have reported success without receiving the email about this, and the points credit pretty quickly into your account. […]

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Hyatt is celebrating 30 years of presence in India, and on this occasion, they are offering 30% off on daily rates across their Indian properties for reservations made by 14th December 2013, and stays made by 15th December 2013. To avail of this offer, you need to be a member of the Hyatt Gold Passport […]

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Last week, I ran a 50K Hyatt Gold Passport points giveaway in association with Hyatt Hotels, where there were going to be 4 winners, winning a package of 5,000/10,000/15,000/20,000 Gold Passport points each. We took for a spin, and here are the 4 prize winners coming up below. 5,000 Gold Passport Points… 10,000 Gold […]

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