Hyatt has been offering their first promotion for the 1st Trimester of 2015, since January 15 now.


The promotions are customised, like is the trend in hotel promotions now a days, and you can receive one of the following options when you punch in your Hyatt Gold Passport number in the page provided in the link above:

  • 2,000 points after 1 stay
  • 5,000 points after 2 stays
  • 20,000 points after 10 nights (my offer)
  • 50,000 points after 20 nights (5,000 after 5 nights + 10,000 after 10 nights + 15,000 after 15 nights + 20,000 after 20 nights for a total of 50,000)
  • 65,000 points after 25 nights (30,000 after 15 nights + 15,000 after 20 nights + 20,000 after 25 nights for a total of 65,000 points)

There are more variations out there as well.

Combined with the Hyatt India promotion, where you earn 2,500 bonus points per stay, this seems to be a reasonably attractive promotion for the first quarter at least, if you’re based in India.

However, there are other interesting promotions out there as well such as IHG’s 3 night stay in India and get 1 night free globally (in combination with IHG Set Your Sights) , or Club Carlson’s 30K promotion.

I’m still on the fence about going for this one, but my travel plans in the day ahead will give me the clues!

What is your Hyatt GP promotion for the Stay More Play More promotion, and are you up for it?

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Hyatt is out there pushing their business in India. They have done a couple of 50% off sales last year, and another promotion is now active to promote the Gold Passport program across the country.

For all stays that are materialised between December 1, 2014 and March 31, 2015, which have the offer code India at the time of booking, you get a 2500 point bonus from Hyatt Gold Passport. Here are the details of the promotion as per Hyatt.


The offer code is valid for all the 21 Hyatt properties around India.

Last month, when the promotion was announced, I was under the false impression that the application of this promocode would inflate the rates for the stay. However, that is not the case, when I saw it again on closer inspection.

If you’re considering staying at a Hyatt property in India, here are my reviews on the ones I’ve stayed at so far:

I am also waiting for a global Hyatt promotion coming up January 15, 2015 to make my decision on how to maximise this promotion.

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Screen Shot 2014 12 13 at 2 15 14 pm

Earlier this week, Hyatt GoldPassport announced their award category changes for 2015. Award category movements are an annual feature, and for 2015, they will move on to the new chart as of January 22, 2015. This means till January 21, you can use the existing chart to book these hotels, and if you were charged a higher points rate, the refund will come back to your account. However, if you paid a lower points price, you can still keep the award at the lower rate for the dates later in the year. Overall, 70 hotels are seeing a readjustment of categories.

Impact on Indian properties of the Hyatt

Very interesting story here. All the 5 Indian Hyatt hotels that made it to this list, are going down in pricing, including a Park Hyatt.

  • Hyatt Bangalore: 3->2
  • Hyatt Regency Chennai: 3->2
  • Park Hyatt Chennai: 3->2
  • Hyatt Regency Delhi: 4->3
  • Hyatt Regency Gurgaon: 3->2

The other Indian properties from the Hyatt are already in this same bracket between Category 4 – 1

Clearly, Indian properties don’t price as much in the $ index of Hyatt and hence they come cheap, which is a good thing for us in India, because apart from staying at Hyatt’s across the world, there is no way to get Hyatt points for us in India.

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