Jet Airways is upping the redemption game which they started a few years back, offering a 50% off on mileage redemption tickets across India for this quarter as of today.

For the past two years, Jet Airways offered a 20% off on mileage redemptions, if booked online, something they discontinued in April 2014. Now, for travel between July 7, 2014 to September 30, 2014, they are offering a 50% off for redemptions across their domestic sectors in economy and Premiere class if you choose to make the redemption online.


The promotion is valid for JP redemption bookings made between July 07, 2014 to July 21, 2014, only if you issue your tickets using the online redemption engine on So, if you issued your tickets before this date, you don’t get the discount, but if you choose to cancel and rebook the tickets, you may get the discount (one can never be 100% sure an award ticket cancelled goes back into award inventory on cancellation). If you choose to cancel and rebook, remember, it would cost you 500 JP miles for the cancellation per passenger.

The inventory looks pretty good with this sale, and I am now seeing BOM-DEL flights for 5250 miles plus taxes/surcharge and BOM-GOI flights at only 2500 miles plus taxes, which is a steal!

(h.t. to Gaurav Agarwal)

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The Air Asia impact is showing, and all the airlines are reacting in their own possible manner. After Air Asia put out INR 500 tickets to Chennai and Goa from Bangalore, SpiceJet and Indigo lowered prices on the same routes, and Jet Airways is now offering double base miles on these routes if you fly between June 16 and July 15, 2014.


Here are the salient Terms & Conditions you should know about:

  • This offer is valid for travel taken on direct Jet Airways / JetKonnect flights on the above mentioned routes.

  • Applicable for travel in Economy.

  • Offer is valid for travel taken between June 16, 2014 and July 15, 2014 (both days inclusive).

  • Double of the Base JPMiles will be credited for travel taken on the above mentioned sector during the offer period.

  • Double Base JPMiles will be credited into the JetPrivilege account of the member undertaking the travel. Relevant JPMiles will be credited post travel taken and not on booking.

I know of at least one person who is based in Goa and could milk this promotion, but if you are a frequent traveller to any of these cities from Bangalore, you could sure join in the fun, though of course, if you are the lucky few who have INR 500 Air Asia tickets, then the extra few miles are not worth it.

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Some things are like the Unicorn, and getting a Jet Airways voucher upgrade is like one of them. Jet Airways gives out a certain number of paper upgrade vouchers to elite members of the Jet Privilege program: 1 to Silver, 3 to Gold and 5 to Platinum members. I had explained the use of these vouchers in this post a couple of years back, and the same rules exist still.

Upgrades are not so hard to use in any other program that I am a member of, such as American Airlines. Many a times, you can get instant confirmations, and at other times they will place you on an upgrade waitlist, which is known to everyone, is rule based, and upgrades clear accordingly.

However, with Jet Airways, the upgrades always seem to go on an upgrade waitlist, and the airline will not clear these upgrades in most cases till the last minute. Everytime I’ve called, I am told there is no availability of seats in the particular class, and hence we will work on priority to clear these upgrades for you. And then, you can keep calling, but the airline won’t budge, till the last minute, on processing these upgrades. As a result, you can leave home thinking you are still travelling in economy and go to the airport and find out you are in business class. I don’t have too much fuss with that, I usually travel light and I want that upgrade confirmed or denied for peace of mind. However, there are others who like to carry big bags and max out their travel allowance, and are denied an opportunity to do so with the airline’s behaviour.

I recently followed up with 9W to confirm an upgrade on an international sector to Europe where I am continuously seeing 5+ business class seats open for the past two months, and these guys can’t confirm it because they don’t see an open seat in upgrade class. The analyst must be a super optimist because he does not want to let go these seats in business class because he expects someone to buy so many of them last minute on so many dates in the months ahead.


I find this lack of transparency for upgrades ridiculous. I think if the airline does not want to honour these certificates or put up such a fight to honour them, maybe they should discontinue them altogether as a part of the elite package.

In my case, I am surprised that these tickets were booked about 5 months back, at a 50% premium to the price they were selling them two weeks back, and placed on the upgrade priority waitlist since then, and yet, Jet Airways sends me a response like this:

Dear Mr. Awtaney,

This is with reference to your email dated May 30, 2014.
We wish to reiterate you that your voucher upgrade request for ####-#### sector dated ####, 2014 vide PNR: ###### is on a waitlist status.

Allow us to mention that Award seats/ upgrade seats on Jet Airways, like most international/domestic carriers, are capacity controlled.  There is a certain number of seats allocated for award travel just as a fixed number of revenue seats at various price points.  These seats are offered on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis.

The number of such seats allotted depends on the demand on that particular route, which varies according to the flight, day, season across the network. Since the number of seats allocated is limited and during busy season the demand  for award travel is very heavy, we experience difficulty in booking award seats even when requests are received months in advance.

Mr. Awtaney, we make every effort to get an upgrade seat confirmed before expressing our regrets to our members.  Our Service Team continuously monitors flights to ensure we meet requests of our JetPrivilege Platinum members such as yourself.
We do hope you will allow us your understanding in this regards.
Should you require any further information or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. Do mention your JetPrivilege number and membership tier in the subject line, in your future correspondence.

I question the people on these “efforts” being made, and all they tell me is they’ve sent an email to Revenue Management about this. Not just that, some of them have lied to me saying only two seats are available when I clearly see 5 here, and I even called a TA to check who said the same thing.

Dear Jet Airways, loyalty is a two-way street, and you and me are in this together, right? Or is this only me being loyal to you about flying and you not being loyal to me about the benefits that are to be extended to me?

All I have to say to you is…

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Last year, Etihad completed the purchase of 24% equity stake in Jet Airways, as a part of building its own equity alliance. As a part of the alliance, usually most other airlines enter into a reciprocity with Etihad’s own loyalty program whereby the guests of both programs are granted privileges on each other’s metal. With […]

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Jet Privilege, which is the frequent flyer program for Jet Airways, is offering 2,500 JPMiles for sign-up, if you are not an existing member of the program. Jet Airways operates on domestic as well as international routes to the Middle-East, South-East Asia, Europe and North America from India. If you are not already on Jet […]

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Jet Airways has been running a lucrative 20% bonus on conversion of your points to JPMiles for a while now. It comes and goes every now and then. In the current avatar, the following banks/loyalty program points are being converted to miles with 20% bonus: American Express Citibank India/UAE (ex PremierMiles issued in India) HDFC […]

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Jet Airways has completed the induction of Etihad Airways as a 24% shareholder in the airline, following the initial announcement of this deal in April 2013. Under the deal, Jet Airways issued new shares to Etihad Airways, and the stake of the founder/promoter of the airline, Naresh Goyal, is now down to 51%. James Hogan, […]

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JetPrivilege conducts membership drives from time to time to enrol new members, and this is one more of those, where a new member would get 2,500 miles to enrol with the JetPrivilege program. While the duration of the promotion is unspecified, only new members should enrol using this link, because existing accounts won’t get any […]

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Jet Airways has sent out emails to select members offering them 3x miles on their flight between June 18, 2013 to September 17, 2013. It is a sort of a welcome back offer, and offered only to members who have been sent out the emailers. The Triple miles offer is on the base miles flown, […]

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Jet Airways is back with a transfer bonus for you to transfer your credit card points to Jet Privilege miles. These offers were not usual from Jet Airways, but last year they offered a 25% bonus, which has gone down to 20% this year. Between June 15, 2013 to July 15,2013 (both dates inclusive) you […]

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American Express’ recently launched co-branded credit card with Jet Airways, has a few new benefits from the Platinum tier of American Express, such as the Platinum Concierge service and access to the American Express Platinum Lounge in Mumbai and Delhi Airports. However, one benefit of the Amex Platinum card which was not offered initially is […]

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