Jet Airways withdrew the access for a +1 guest for higher end elites in 2011. Before 2012, the policy for lounge access used to allow JP Platinum members to bring 1 guest along to the lounge, regardless of the fact if the Platinum member was flying Economy or Business class. As a not so frequent flyer then, I used to benefit travelling with my colleagues at that point of time who were Platinum tier members.

However, with effect from February 16, 2015, Jet Airways has reinstated this benefit for Platinum tier members. Which means, Jet Airways Platinum tier members can now help a family member/friend/colleague into the lounge along with them as well.


Do remember however, that this lounge access is conditional to the fact that the co-passenger being guested to the lounge should be on the same flight as your own. You need to be booked on a Jet Airways marketed and operated flight, i.e., the ticket number should start with 589- and the flight number should be with 9W.

Lounge access would be valid at domestic and international airports, where Jet Airways offers lounge access to their passengers.

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One of the smaller details of the changes announced at JetPrivilege yesterday, was the going away of the Convenience Fees on award tickets.

Convenience Fees really is the fee charged for being able to book a ticket sitting in your bed in your pajamas really, and an easy way to pass on the cost of using a credit/debit card or another payment instrument to the passenger. Though I wonder why does Jet Airways charge it per passenger and per sector, because it is no fault of the passenger if the airline does not offer a direct flight to a remote airport, lets say DED in India.

Anyhow, as per JetPrivilege, there is no convenience fee applicable for award bookings made online ( from February 3, 2015 onwards.


This should help people like me who are in a quandary sometimes about keeping or cancelling award tickets! Good riddance!

Do you stand to benefit from this Convenience Fee Withdrawal from JetPrivilege award tickets?

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Last year, Jet Airways’ loyalty program JetPrivilege restructured their earning and burning structure, and did away with fuel surcharges on award tickets.

On the back of a higher mileage required for an award ticket in premium cabins (a BOM-BRU business class o.w. moved from 54,000 JP Miles to 85,000 JP Miles, but no fuel surcharge now), there was a sweet spot that existed, called mileage upgrades. You earn miles for your ticket, and you pay lower number of miles for your upgrade as compared to a business class redemptions, hence it was a great deal, since you really had a much less net outflow in terms of number of miles for a premium cabin travel.

The standard benchmark for an economy to Business Class upgrade was 1.25 times the economy redemption rates for the sector. I used mileage upgrades on BOM-CDG-BOM, to upgrade one ticket from economy to business, and it costed me 33,750 JP miles one way to upgrade.

Ever since the redemption changes happened in September 2014, the question hanged on about how will the mileage upgrades be priced here on. Last evening, JetPrivilege notified a new table [PDF] for redemption on each sector, which you can view here, and this clarifies the new stance.

All tickets can now be upgraded for miles, however for different number of miles

In the earlier mileage structure, only tickets with RBD (ticket class) K or above would be eligible for upgrades. Not anymore, everyone can upgrade their tickets.

  • Discounted ticket classes / Lower Fare Classes such as V,H,O,W & B are going to be charged at 1.2x of Economy redemption for Economy to Business Class upgrades
  • Flexible ticket classes / Higher Fare Classes (all other economy ticket classes except V,H,O,W, B) are going to be charged at 1.1x of Economy redemption for Economy to Business Class upgrades
  • For Business Class to First Class upgrades, on sectors where it is offered, such as BOM-LHR, the upgrades will be charged at 1.5x of Economy Redemption for Business to First Class upgrades

Perks for Platinum

Platinum tier for JetPrivilege will shine again, with the capability to upgrade at 1.1x for Economy to Business Class, regardless of the discounted or non-discounted tickets they would want to book.

These changes come into effect for requests received after March 1, 2015. In case you have travel planned and you are looking for upgrades against miles before that date, the old chart will still be applicable, as long as JetPrivilege confirms your upgrade before March 1, 2015. So, time to make that call. You can check out the old mileage upgrade requirements in this chart.

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One of the new enhancements that JetPrivilege rolled out for members a few weeks ago was the extension of their miles validity from 3 years to 5 years, as long as you had one co-branded debit or credit card, and one activity on the card in the past year. I think it is a great […]

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HDFC Bank and Jet Airways have offered the only mileage earning co-branded debit card in the Indian market since 2013. Here are the salient features of the card: 1000 JP Miles as enrolment bonus, 2000 JP Miles on first use. INR 750 as discount voucher on round-trip booking. 2000 JP Miles on renewal every year. […]

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Jet Airways clearly has a great tool in its fight against all the incoming new carriers, and it is called JetPrivilege. So yesterday, when Vistara announced the launch of their operations on the Delhi-Mumbai, Delhi-Ahmedabad and Mumbai-Ahmedabad sectors as of January 9, 2015, Jet Airways hit back with some nice goodies to tell them who […]

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I just received a wonderful surprise from JetPrivilege in my email, something that maybe a lot of you would be receiving shortly or have already received as well. JetPrivilege just sent out an email stating that the validity of all my JetPrivilege miles was being extended from 3 years to 5 years. I wasn’t ever […]

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JetPrivilege is on a roll with launching new features this year. First, they introduced the new minimum accrual for Jet Airways flights at 500 miles minimum. Then they added to it the new redemption chart where there were some improvements and some devaluations. Then, they launched Family pooling of JetPrivilege miles, along with the ability […]

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Over the past few days, JetPrivilege has been working on multiple changes for revamping the program, after their newfound status as an independent loyalty program, and their majority control by Etihad. The first two phases of these changes included tinkering with the earn rate, which got better in some situations, and the burn rate, which […]

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A few days ago, JetPrivilege and Etihad Guest announced that they were going to offer double miles for flights taken across the Etihad Airways network, for flights till December 15, 2014. Now, Jet Airways has initiated a new promotion, where you can get double JP Miles or double Etihad Guest miles for flying on the […]

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Etihad is trying to be a prominent player in India, and in this regard, they are working out as hard as they can to get an uptick on traffic from India. Considering they now majorly own the JetPrivilege program, they in a way, JP Miles are also a sort of Etihad currency. Etihad is offering […]

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