Jet Airways is upping the redemption game which they started a few years back, offering a 50% off on mileage redemption tickets across India for this quarter as of today.

For the past two years, Jet Airways offered a 20% off on mileage redemptions, if booked online, something they discontinued in April 2014. Now, for travel between July 7, 2014 to September 30, 2014, they are offering a 50% off for redemptions across their domestic sectors in economy and Premiere class if you choose to make the redemption online.


The promotion is valid for JP redemption bookings made between July 07, 2014 to July 21, 2014, only if you issue your tickets using the online redemption engine on So, if you issued your tickets before this date, you don’t get the discount, but if you choose to cancel and rebook the tickets, you may get the discount (one can never be 100% sure an award ticket cancelled goes back into award inventory on cancellation). If you choose to cancel and rebook, remember, it would cost you 500 JP miles for the cancellation per passenger.

The inventory looks pretty good with this sale, and I am now seeing BOM-DEL flights for 5250 miles plus taxes/surcharge and BOM-GOI flights at only 2500 miles plus taxes, which is a steal!

(h.t. to Gaurav Agarwal)

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Back in 2012, I had written about JetPrivilege, the loyalty program of Jet Airways, being spun off into a separate company. Some of the biggest Mileage programs around the world are run as independent companies, and I saw this approach as no different.

However, it came handy when the deal was to be made between Jet Airways and Etihad for a strategic alliance. Etihad typically uses the loyalty programs to fund a lot of money for the airline. They infused a huge amount into the TopGuest program of Air Berlin, and then they bought out a majority stake in JetPrivilege for about $150 million. When this deal was formalised, I’d hazard a guess that I must be worth $250 as a JetPrivilege Platinum member for the airline.

Now, I’ve wondered for a few weeks about why are the benefits not being published. Jet Airways stake sale to Etihad had been concluded a few months ago, and one of the benefits of being in this equity alliance, like James Hogan likes to address it, is cross benefits on various carriers which have the Etihad investments. For instance, Velocity Frequent Flyer members get access to airberlin lounges and Priority boarding on Etihad, while they have nothing to do with airberlin (both carriers are at far ends of the world) .

As per Bloomberg, last evening the regulatory approval came through for the purchase of Jet Airways’ 50.1% by Etihad, and now I’d expect the transaction to be closed sooner than later. Subsequently, the benefits of the alliance could be extended to Jet Privilege members as well, something I am personally looking forward to hear as well.

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Back in November, American Express India launched a member-get-member promotion, where the referrer and referred new cardholder are both going to get bonus points/miles for signing on for a new American Express Credit Card via this program.


Under the program, the referrer will get 3,000 extra JPMiles if they hold the Jet Amex, and 3,000 extra Membership Reward points if they have the Amex Gold Charge Card/Platinum Travel Card/Platinum Reserve Credit Card. A maximum of 5 referrals would be awarded, and you can submit your referrals all the way uptil October 2014. Self nominations do not count.

The Referred Member will, on successfully getting an Amex Jet/Platinum Travel/Platinum Reserve Credit Card via the referral scheme, get 2,000 MR/JPMiles within 6-8 weeks. The detailed T&C are here.

So, if you’re interested in getting your friends to sign-up for the card, here is an opportunity to get both of you a bonus on sign-up. Not the best Amex referral schemes in my opinion, since in the past Amex has run a referral program on LinkedIn a couple of times where they would give out even 10,000 MR for successful applications, and a discount to the person at the receiving end. Anyhow, they are giving bonus points now instead of discounts it seems.

If you’d like help with a referral from my side, please drop me a line at . I appreciate your references.

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At the outset, this is a rant. So those of you who don’t like ‘em, should quit now. Otherwise, read on. My last trip out of town was to Goa, when I popped on to a Jet Airways plane both ways to go to Goa and come back to Mumbai. Now, I am usually very […]

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Last week, I posted about Jet Airways offering a 20% bonus on converting your credit card points to Jet Privilege miles. I got a few queries about the transfer process and/or output, and I thought I’d answer them here in public interest: I got a question on Twitter, asking me if the 20% JP Miles […]

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Jet Airways has sent out emails to select members offering them 3x miles on their flight between June 18, 2013 to September 17, 2013. It is a sort of a welcome back offer, and offered only to members who have been sent out the emailers. The Triple miles offer is on the base miles flown, […]

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Jet Airways is back with a transfer bonus for you to transfer your credit card points to Jet Privilege miles. These offers were not usual from Jet Airways, but last year they offered a 25% bonus, which has gone down to 20% this year. Between June 15, 2013 to July 15,2013 (both dates inclusive) you […]

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Jet Airways has sent out emails to several members of the Jet Privilege program, where they are crediting 20% of the flown miles for the last 20 flights flown with Jet Airways/Jet Konnect between the period 05 May 1993 to 05 May 2013. The mileage credit is exclusive of cabin bonuses, tier bonuses or any […]

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There, I said it! I’ve covered all the 3 co-branded partnerships between Jet Airways and different banks on this blog whenever they were introduced. I’ve also gone through the process of acquiring all these cards over a period of time, proof enough of how much I love collecting JP Miles. There has been a certain […]

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Last year in March, Jet Airways had introduced a promotional discount of 20% for domestic redemptions in Jet Airways Economy and Premiere Cabins, only if you booked the redemption tickets online. This promotion was extended till March 31, 2013, and now has been further extended till September 30, 2013. As per this promotion, if you […]

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Jet Airways ; operates on domestic as well as international routes to the Middle-East, South-East Asia, Europe and North America from India. JetPrivilege is its frequent flyer program, which used to offer some of the best frequent flyer benefits in India. If you are not already on Jet Airway’s JetPrivilege frequent flyer program, and are […]

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