Promo fares are back on Jet Airways till 31st October 2011

This is how it works. Close one promo, start the same one with a new name again a few days later. Last month, Jet Airways was offering 100K seats on sale where they offered 10% off on base fare + fuel surcharge if booking a roundtrip using their website. This promo just got over 3 days back (8th October 2011).

As of today, it is back, under the name of Celebration Fares. If booking a Jet Airways round trip ticket for domestic travel (on Economy/Business fares on Jet, Jetlite or Jet Konnect), you get 10% off on base fare + fuel surcharge. Bookings open only on the website till 31st October 2011.

If you want to travel one way, do that on Jet Konnect and save INR 200 Rs. per booking. Again, head up to the website to book it there!

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