The new look British Airways Executive Club, its here!

The day which a lot of people have not been looking forward to. Burn Baby Burn (the movement to redeem BA miles before the new look Avios set in), is officially over. Like you read here earlier, the BA program is changing.

Here is a look at the new cards that are going to grace your wallets, sock drawers or wherever you keep your Frequent Flyer cards…..

The Blue Tier's new look

The newly launched Bronze Tier - aka 1W Ruby

The new look BA Silver - aka 1W Sapphire

The new look BA Gold - aka 1W Emerald

I like the look of the Gold card, though, you have to wait up for my next posts to know if you and me could have it in our pockets or not. Welcome to Avios!!!

Hat tip to BusinessTraveller



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