Birdwatch: Photo # 4 (Jet Airways in Nokia Lumia colors)

Nokia, the erstwhile king of mobile phones is now trying to restablish itself in the market. And it thinks painting a plane in all the colors is one good move. So, as a part of their advertising strategy for the Nokia Lumia 800 which recently launched, they painted this Jet Airways plane. Now, I want to get on this plane, only if someone told me what route it is flying.

Airline: Jet Airways
Location: Unknown
Airframe: Boeing 737-800

If you want to share a picture of a plane, an airport, or anything aviation related, please send it across to with the details and I’ll put it up here. Thank you!

(Hat Tip to ZOMG for this one!)


    • Yep.Got it a couple of days back. Cant figure why these routes. where are the eyeballs interesting? I mean, don’t they intend to sell the lumia to the upscale indians who travel in their planes? Middle east, all airlines just almost always take the blue collars.

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