The send off at American’s Flagship Lounge in New York JFK

As soon as the Finnair presentation got over, there was a light reception, this one, at ‘ The Bridge’, where JFK based crew of American Airlines were invited to participate along with the attendees of the MegaDo’s Transatlantic trip in London. There was food, music and a lot of good chat.


But then you already know all of that from the last time you heard from me. The interesting party was taking shape in the Flagship Lounge of American Airlines at JFK:


This is where we managed to sample the food and the drinks offered by American Airlines at the Flagship Lounges. As someone who has only started to fly to the America’s often now, I can tell you these are way better than the usual Admiral Clubs at least in my opinion.

Here are the drinks on offer, I must say quite a full bar for those interested:


The food was pretty interesting too, and I managed to grab a bite while waiting with the rest of us to board!




Here are some other pictures of the Flagship Lounge…



And once this was done, it was time to board our flight AA 104, the MegaDo special from JFK-LHR.


Want some MegaDo Swag? The contest is on all this week. So, have a go at it here.

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