The MegaDo Bounty got bigger, and 72 hours more to get it!

I’ve been on the road and in the air many a times, but on a party flight, it was my first! I’m waiting to get the few hours of sleep time which I can eat into and post all I want to tell you guys here, and it shall happen soon. But for those who want to gather all the live action, Gary Leff from View from the Wing is blogging all at! So go ahead and find out about the party in the air which happened DFW-SEA-LAX. Including a 2-hour tarmac delay when we all boarded SEA-LAX and the flight needed a new part to fly next segment. AA was a gracious host, the beverages were flowing and we cancelled the meal service, with the AAdvantage President Susanne Rubin on board! No one was complaining since everyone was engrossed in the charity auctions, and this delay allowed for a few more swipes on the credit card machine before we wheeled-up.

A quick update on the swag giveaway I rolled out before leaving home. It is still time till I get back to my home, and you can participate at this post here.

I am adding new prizes to the giveaway. Which means more drawings to pick more people for the prizes. Here are the original prizes which were going out:

  1. A full set of MegaDo swag
  2. A Fly-for-Cure t-shirt from the MegaDo

The new prizes on board are:

  1. An Admiral’s club day pass, which you could also use to get 100$ off your membership if you signed up there
  2. A oneworld lapel pin

And, like always, I reserve the right to add more goodies to the bag. So go on, and get your chance at this goodie bag by participating here.

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