Jet Airways dishes out discounts on domestic and International tickets from HK,SIN,India, Sri Lanka and Middle-East

One of my favourite airlines is out there dishing out special discounts this month and they have quite some deals there all this month.

From Hong Kong, Jet Airways is offering 28% off in case you are travelling in Business Class  to Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai.

From Sri Lanka, 9W is offering a 10% off for planning a return travel in Economy to travel to any city in India on You have to purchase your tickets  by 29th February 2012 using promo code SAARC2011.

From the Middle-East (UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman) and South Africa, 9W is offering 10% off to travel to any city in India in Economy or Business class.

From Singapore, 9W is offering special fares to travel to south India as well as Sri Lanka

and yes, how can I forget all the frequent travellers of Jet in India itself. As per the Jet Airways website, there is a 50% discount on Premiere class
(business class) travel. However, no one at Jet Airways is in a position to tell me yet on the phone, on Twitter of at any available channels as to where are these fares showing up. However, if you find one, do let me know and I will update accordingly

Additionally, following fare discounts when you book on

  • 10% discount on return trip
  • INR 500 off on one-way trip (Valid for travel on Saturday and Sunday only)
  • INR 200 off on one-way trip (Valid for travel between Monday to Friday)

All offers valid all of February!

Happy flying!



  1. Thank you for providing 10%,28%,50% discounts on various places like Hong kong.Srilanka,&Singapoor..please extend this offer to April/May(summer)

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