PIA accomodates passengers in the loo…

I rubbed my eyes in disbelief when I read this headline, but it seems its true. Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), the flag-carrier of Pakistan, had two passengers flying in the toilets on PK 303 from Lahore to Karachi. The report, originally published in Geo News, said, tongue-in-cheek:

The captain of the national flag carriers’ flight PK 303 accommodated two passengers in the plane’s toilet, as all the seats in the plane were occupied and there was no more seat left for them.

Through introduction of its amazing new service for its valued passengers, PIA really does justice to its slogan ‘Great people to fly with’

A little more digging revealed the airline was flying a B747 on this route, and that seems like a huge plane to fly short-haul, but it was so full that two passengers needed to use the loo!

What I am wondering about is, where did they get the seatbelts from?



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