Travelling to the US/Canada/India via Europe? Now more checked bags for you!

Last year in October, I wrote about the Indian aviation regulator sending a stinker to all foreign airlines operating from India, about the baggage allowance of 1 23 kg (50 lb) checked-bag being not the standard offer for passengers travelling economy, while all Indian airlines offer 2×23 kgs (50 lb) baggage to be checked-in.

We never heard much of it back then, but seems like the arm-twisting worked with the Lufthansa group. In a change of tack, Lufthansa has announced a new allowance for passengers travelling between India and the USA, Canada (or vice versa) on Lufthansa group airlines. Lufthansa, Swiss, Brussels Airlines and Austrian Airlines will offer two 23 kgs (50 lb) bags as checked bag allowance for all flights ticketed on or after 17th February 2012. However, this is only good for offer if you ticket your entire trip to/from India to the USA/Canada on either of these carriers and don’t mix and match with other carriers inside the USA/Canada. If you intend to maximise on the baggage allowance, you’re advised to book internal tickets for travel in the USA/Canada/India separate of your segments on Lufthansa.

Here is the announcement on the Lufthansa webpage, and the salient points are outlined below:

  • Origin: Chennai/Bangalore/Mumbai/New Delhi/Pune (not valid on feeder flights within India)
  • Destination: only Lufthansa US/Canada gateways (no connecting flights within US/Canada)
  • Travel must be via Europe
  • Valid for flights operated and Marketed by: Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines and Swiss Airlines.
  • Itineraries/tickets that include other carriers the free baggage allowance defaults to 1 free checked piece.

So, there you go, max out your allowance with all the shopping you’d like to do! In fact, if you ever are on the same flight as me on LH,LX or OS, feel free to have some of my baggage allowance as well! 😉


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