India just shrunk by 25% on the Jet Airways mileage map

I really thought this was a technical glitch but looks like this is not. Like I wrote a few days back, Jet Airways made a few changes to the JetPrivilege program in late March 2012. One of the main changes was the earning rate for domestic flights in India, where Jet Airways upgraded the program to offer 100% mileage credit to all domestic flights in India.

Now, I really expected to earn 100% miles when this change happened but I was thoroughly confused over the past few weeks about the real offering here. Everytime I wanted to book a ticket, lets say BOM-DEL, I would be offered a 532 miles for travel, whereas the real distance between the two cities, as per GCMap is 705 Miles.

image image

I thought it would be a glitch, so I tried looking for other sectors but almost every segment I checked domestically, I found the same problem. BOM-BLR which is my other frequented sector, at 517 miles distance is being accrued at 399 miles by Jet Airways.

image image

And it is not like this is a systemwide glitch. because all the international flights were showing the correct mileage (on international flights Jet Airways already offers 100% mileage earning). Here is a screenshot from GCMap and Jet Airways.



I wrote to Jet Airways a few days back, but I still haven’t heard from them on why this issue is not rectified. So I am not sure how accruals are happening at this moment when the distances are all wrong.

What are your experiences with Jet Airways under the new program.


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