Jet Airways offering upto 40% bonus miles on purchased miles.

Jet Airways has come out with a new promotion for flyers wanting to purchase Jet Privilege miles on their program. Here is the offer they make:

• 500 JPMiles to 2000 JPMiles -> 10% more JPMiles
• 2001 JPMiles to 4000 JPMiles -> 20% more JPMiles
• 4001 JPMiles to 6000 JPMiles -> 30% more JPMiles
• above 6000 JPMiles -> 40% more JPMiles

JP Miles are usually priced at INR 1.25 per JP Mile (about 2.3 cents). Using this promotion at the highest end of purchasing more than 6,000 JP Miles per transaction, the cost per JPMile becomes INR 0.90 per JP Mile (about 1.6 cents) accounting for the 40% bonus. The offer is valid till 31st August 2012.

I see it as an opportunity to take up some miles to top-up your account if you need them, otherwise you can just pass! Here is why.

If you are a flyer primarily inside India, then you can combine this promotion with the 20% off domestic redemptionsas well. As per my calculations, however, this will not work out cheaper on any segments if you decide to go for redemption after buying miles, and will cost you a tier-point as well.

If you are looking forward to flying internationally, then you will anyways have a hard time finding seats on the Jet Airways network, more so in the premium cabin. However, there is an extensive network of 24 airline partners and you can use your miles for redemption on these partner airlines. Partners include Air France, ANA, AA, CX, QF, UA and TK. Some very reasonable award tickets can be had on this extended network, sometimes with reasonable surcharges.

Also, if you need the miles, don’t forget, you get 25% bonus on credit card conversions till 31st May 2012.

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  1. I am confused…..What calculation did you use? Say, you buy 10,000 miles at Rs. 1.25 per mile,, it is will cost you Rs.12,500 ($230 appprox). You will get 14,000(10,000 + 4000) miles. So 12500/ 14000 is Rs. 0.893 ($0.016 approx) per mile correct?

    • @skudu, thank you for catching that. I was myself wondering what did I do wrong and it was the old school mistake of switching the numerator and denominator. fixed now 😉

  2. Do you know where we can find the redemption chart of Jet and it’s partners? I always seem to have to do the search to get the amount of mileage required.

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