Reminder: 1 month to get your Amex LinkedIn referrals

A few weeks back I wrote about the current ongoing American Express referral program that Amex has launched with LinkedIn in India for sourcing the Platinum Reserve Credit Card and the Gold Charge card. Both the cards are going at a discount under this program where you get a 20% discount on the fee for the Platinum Reserve Charge Card and free first year for the Gold Charge Card.

I’ve also reviewed the American Express Gold Charge Card subsequently. This is one of my daily usage card now, and I’ve explained the reasons here.

I received a few emails from blog readers who I have provided with my reference and they have now started to report that they have received their new plastic from American Express.

In case you want one, do drop me a line on and I will be happy to make a referral to you as well. The promotion is on till July 30, 2012.

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