Did you get your Star Alliance Gold Status with Turkish yet?

In May this year, I had posted about the Turkish Airlines status match offer, where I had written that the top tier members from all three alliances (Star Alliance, oneworld as well SkyTeam). Yes, you read it right, TK is the only airline to status match into Star Alliance Gold tier as well. All you have to do, is send an email to customermiles@thy.com with a scan of your other airline FFP membership card and account statement (this is a requirement to receive both). Turkish is still matching, which means easy status

The status match is valid for 2 years from the date of upgrade, and to renew, all you need to do is bank 25K status miles (on any star alliance airline) on the TK program in Year 1 or 37.5K status miles by the second year. I know it is easier to ‘earn’ status the Gold status in Aegean airlines program, but here I am talking about the status-matched already, and on a better and more stable airline which you may fly someday. To get the full details about how to get status-matched, you should look at the original post here.

Now, lets come to the benefits of Star Alliance Gold. Like I mentioned last week, I had Status Matched my brother on to Star Alliance Gold as well with Turkish. I was trying to decide which program to bank his flights on United and US Airways with, and the options were Jet Airways, Lufthansa Miles & More and Turkish Miles & Bonus. I eventually decided to bank them with Turkish for two reasons:

a) Out of the three options, they were the ones who were providing 100% status miles on low-fare classes booked on UA and US.

b) The travel plan for the brother was such that he was going to make about 18000 status miles on this trip already, which is half way through to retaining Gold Status on TK in two years. Not bad, I’d say.

But there is also a bonus I never knew about and found out of now. On banking miles to the TK program, you also get a 1000 TK miles as welcome miles to the program.


With a non-American program, my brother was also able to access the United and US Airways lounges at Newark and Charlotte since his transit flights were in conjunction with an international flight. Not just that, US Airways was able to get him on a free standby for both the sectors, cutting down his 5 hours transit time between flights (landing of UA49) to the final destination by 2 hours.

There are many benefits of having status in your pocket, and I’m sure it would help you. So, while this opportunity is on the table, why not take it. All the best.

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    • @Rajnish, basically Turkish is matching top members of the 3 alliances (star, skyteam, oneworld) – gold in *A, ElitePlus in Skyteam and Emeralds in oneworld as they are called. No one else is being matched.

  1. Long time lurker, writing the first time. I have top tier platinum status with Jet Airways. Do you think i can get status matched with TK or any other airlines?( where they do not charge you for status match). Thanks, love you blog.

  2. hi, I just wanted to thank you for this. I have a Qantas FF gold which is about to expire – I couldn’t get enough status points this year. Qantas weren’t very sympathetic so I don’t feel any great loyalty, I’m quite happy to give Star Alliance all my business if I get an auto-Gold!

    • @Sunpuri no, only top tier elites of an airline which is a member of an airline alliance qualifies. Silver does not and Air India is not a member airline.

    • @mw sometimes they reply, sometimes they just upgrade and no one knows. If neither of this happens, 2 weeks is a good time to send a reminder.

  3. I was able to use TK status for lounges at LAX, NRT, SIN, and BOM, all without the card (just used a printout of the TK page). I haven’t gotten my card yet, and it’s been almost 6 months. TK rep said I need to credit a flight to them first.

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