Last few hours to book tickets on Indigo and Spicejet in a sale

A quick reminder, like I wrote two days back, there is a sale going on till 12 midnight tonight at Indigo airlines, where you can book to travel between January and March 2013 with a significant discount. Rush to their site if you have any travel plans in mind and you’d like Indigo to bring you there.

Also, it totally missed my attention till today, that SpiceJet is running a similar flash sale as well till midnight tonight, with the exact same terms and conditions as Indigo, and the sale ends tonight again. Remember, the India domestic flights are only covered in this promotion.


So, if you know what you want to fly to where between January and March 2013, you know what you need to do! I also noticed some travel websites are showing the same fare on their results, which means you could couple it with their ongoing discounts as well.

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