Travelled SpiceJet 10/Nov through 13/Nov? Hope you got your 1,001 voucher

If you flew SpiceJet from 10th November to 13th November 2012, to mark the festive occasion of Diwali, SpiceJet has been handing out gift vouchers of Rs. 1,001 to everyone. This was not a promotion they’d spoken about earlier or on the website, but they posted on their Facebook page on 12th November.


This post never stated the terms and conditions, but at a later stage, here are the terms & conditions clarified:


This basically clarified that everyone travelling during that period was eligible to receive this voucher. However, seems like a lot of people did not receive them, including my brother who flew SG in these dates. I was asked to send them the PNR, and they would respond to the email address used in the reservation. If you haven’t received yours, I’d advise you to write to or tweet them at @Flyspicejet with the PNR details of your flight.

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