Sometimes, I can goof up!

I’m sure this is not the first time in recent history I’ve done this, but I am just wowed at my capability to leave some miles on the table. I just happened to be checking into my HDFC World JetPrivilege account, and you can see for yourself what did not go right here…


The lack of coffee is all that I can blame this on. If you haven’t found out what is wrong, your clue is hidden here.

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  1. restriction of 150/- is understandable… however, somehow you need to reach 75000/- spending in 90 days to earn 5000JPmiles… 😉

  2. Two of ur transactions will not get u any miles on the card since they r below 150. Question I have is how come ur spending money at the Bombay airport when u can get free food in the lounge?

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