India makes visa policies easier for tourists

A couple of years back, India made a big change to its visa policies for tourists for additional security measures. There was some abuse found of the tourist visa, with unscrupulous visitors making multiple trips. Policy was changed to not allow tourist visa holders back into the country within 2 months of making their last visit.

Unfortunately, the policy did lead to a drop in tourist traffic to India, and now there is a rollback. Last week, India changed the policy to allow visitors to the country to travel on the same multiple entry tourist visa multiple times without a 2-month gap between their visits. Which means, if you wanted to make a landing in India and go around the neighbouring countries with your base here, you could do that once again.

And yes, there is always that visa on arrival for some countries.

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  1. It is very fortunate that there was a substantial loss of tourism revenue due to the stupid policy restricting re-entry within 60 days to those holding multi-entry visas; otherwise this Indian-unfriendly policy would have remained in place. [Most of the people hit by that now-largely-aborted stupid restriction were persons of Indian origin with extensive family and other personal ties in India; and it was Indians in the tourism sector that were paying the price for the restriction that acted as a form of government-suppressed demand for goods and services that the visitors would buy and thus contribute to the Indian economy.]

    Good to see rubbish policies get trashed, even if it took revenue/economic concerns to get the ineffective, counterproductive policy largely scrapped.

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