Reinstating your Turkish Airlines (*Alliance) Gold Account

A couple of months back I wrote about the cancellation of Turkish Airlines accounts, perhaps those which used services like AwardWallet to keep an updated balance. Turkish has been out there issuing a status match to Star Alliance Gold level status for everyone who has top-tier status with Star Alliance, OneWorld and Skyteam, something I first wrote about in May.

Now, Turkish ‘suspended’ my own account as well due to the same reason, and I had to work on fixing it. Reason I say same reason, is because my mom’s TK account is not on AwardWallet, so her account survived while mine went.

The first few emails did not work. Then I eventually got a response saying my account was ‘suspended temporarily’. To revive the account, I had to send them the following details on their email from my registered email address:

  • Email Address
  • Postal Address
  • Mobile/Business Phone
  • A scan of my passport copy

At first I was circumspect, but I sent them a copy of my Passport’s ID page only, not the the address one. It seemed to work with them, and I got a new email in a few days sending me a new auto-generated password. Once I reset that password, I was good to go. This should help everyone else who had their accounts cancelled as well. But remember, you might have to email a few times to get a response Winking smile

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  1. turkish is working like the govt of india. they are on a different page. they haven’t sent me my gold card for 8 months now. thy keeps asking for the same thing over and over again. i have given up on them.

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