Access Indian airports without ticket printouts

A few months ago I’d blogged about how airlines had started to exploit the need to use an airline e-ticket print to access the airport concourse. Indian security regulations required a manual scan of the ticket by airport security to ensure only genuine passengers get to the airport. However, for whatever reason, they wanted paper, nothing on the phone or the iPad or the laptop. Entrepreneurial, airlines started to charge Rs. 50, and then hiked it up to Rs. 100 per printout of tickets, which they would earlier give out for free.

The uproar this move to charge money created did force the sleepy bureaucracy to update the rulebook. Now, many a newspapers and websites are reporting that the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security has notified new orders, which allow you to show your e-tickets on your smartphones or in an electronic format to airport security and get access to the airport with effect from January 1. I am not taking a flight in a few days, so I have no way to verify if this is correct, but perhaps some of you can now easily forget to make prints of the ticket because you don’t need it!

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  1. What security risk is genuinely covered by having a semi-literate policeman examining a computer print out, in the midst of rush hour at the airport gate – especially when that print out can be doctored so easily by anybody with a PC and a photocopier? Sorry, but IMO, Indian bureaucracy is merely an euphemism for Indian idiocy.

  2. Confirmed..just entered BIAL by showing the eticket in my email inbox on the phone..but in June 2012 a cisf jawan let me through at Ranchi-IXR by doing the same thing..I guess this time it’s official

  3. Nice! In April, I forgot to print out my pass and showed my itinerary on my iPhone … they didn’t take it, but checked it against the flight manifest to let me in.

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