1,000 JPMiles for completing a survey

Jet Airways sent out a survey few days ago, in tie-up with a hotel chain is circulating a survey for some feedback. The survey takes about 10 minutes to fill, and Jet Airways is offering you 1,000 JP Miles for this effort. Here is the email, and you can follow the link:

Dear _____ ,

We understand that your time is important, but we would be delighted to credit your account with 1,000 JPMiles for a few minutes of your time.

We, in association with one of our partners, are conducting a survey on ‘Luxury Hotel Experiences in India’. We would sincerely appreciate, if you could tell us what criteria you use to choose your favourite hotels during your business and holiday travel in India.

Do take a few minutes out of your schedule to help your preferred hotels create a more memorable and exclusive experience for you.
CLICK HERE to earn 1,000 JPMiles and complete the easy to fill in online survey form!

Once again, thank you for your time.

Warm regards,

Head – JetPrivilege

All the best. The miles usually should post about a week later.

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  1. I did AJ. But to no avail. Also followed up with those jokers on FB. Try your luck but seems they are a laala company after all 🙂

    Lemme know if you hear from them

  2. Its been more than 2 weeks since i’ve participated in this survey. points are yet to be credited. has anyone got them so far?

    • @Shekhar they usually take their time getting these things out of the door. you can write to the airline if you need more information about when will they send you the miles over.

  3. Thanks for the tip. I don’t remember getting the survey email. Completed the survey nevertheless from yr link. Let’s see, if JPMiles comes through.

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