Jet Airways offering 200% mileage bonus to fly business class on their new A-333s

About a month and a half back, Jet Airways inducted two new Airbus 330-300s into their fleet, which have their new business class product, a departure from the herringbone design I so love, because of legal issues. And now, till April 30, 2013, they are offering a special promotion which offers a 200% bonus on the following routes for flying in their Premiere Class, over and above the 100% you’d earn regularly and the cabin bonus and your JetPrivilege tier bonuses:

  • Delhi – Brussels or v.v.
  • Delhi – Toronto or v.v.
  • Delhi – Newark (via Brussels) or v.v.
  • Mumbai – Newark or v.v.
  • Mumbai – Toronto or v.v.
Some of these sectors look pretty sweet for earning as per this chart that was published by Jet Airways for this promotion, since one could earn over 50K JPMiles with one trip to their North American stations, with the stacking of the various mileage earnings on this one:
Tickets to avail this promotion could be booked via travel agents or on but has to be ticketed on the following classes only: C,J,I, P, Z, and only on Jet Airways’ tickets. So, if you book this ticket as a part of a codeshare, you won’t get the bonuses.
More details can be found here.
Sweet promotion, except it does not cover the Mumbai-Brussels segment, so you can imagine a sad-panda face on this end!
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  1. Except Jet cannot compete with other carriers who give you 32 kgs. per suitcase in business.

    I only fly Jet when absolutely necessary – need carrying capacity.

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