Air India sale fares still available

While the Jet Airways  sales came and went over last week, Air India was late to the party of announcing cheaper air fares. However, their fare announcement did not come with an expiry date it seems, and when I checked for some tickets this morning, I could still see that Air India was selling tickets at the new promotional prices they announced last week.

These fares are available for dates of travel beyond 7 days, and up to September 30, and could be booked on, any travel portal or an offline travel agency. This seems like a good opportunity for those who still have not been able to decide on their plans. If you know your timelines now, you should act on booking these tickets, since I am not sure on how much longer these tickets will exist. You can find all the details here.

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  1. Is the Jet sale still going on?

    You might wish to update these facts in this post as well, including all the other airlines’ fare sale status…

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