Jet Airways’ crediting 20% extra miles on 20th anniversary

Jet Airways has sent out emails to several members of the Jet Privilege program, where they are crediting 20% of the flown miles for the last 20 flights flown with Jet Airways/Jet Konnect between the period 05 May 1993 to 05 May 2013. The mileage credit is exclusive of cabin bonuses, tier bonuses or any other bonus, and has already been credited to some accounts, while some others have received the emails but not the bonus credited into their account. In case of my own family, I’ve received the credit into my account, while my mom has received the email but not the credit, and my brother and my dad have not even heard from Jet Airways. I intend to wait up a few days to see how this plays out, because Jet Airway’s does take a while implementing promotions across the board.


The interesting bit at the end is a clue of things to come:

Do look forward to many more such surprises as we continue with our celebrations through the year.

Enjoy the bonuses, and if they did not come your way, do write to jetprivilege@jetairways.comto make a formal request.

Tell me how many miles did you get in the comments section.

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  1. Considering there wasn’t much in terms of price-offs for the 20th anniv celebrations, this was indeed a surprise. I received a bonus of 23k. And yes, the dangling carrot of future surprises this year has piqued my interest!

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